Reset Bambu Studio to defaults?

Suddenly, my print quality changed. I got a buddy of mine to print the same part on his, and it was flawless.
The thing is, the poor quality is at one place on this part, which happens to be the layer immediately after (on top of) a layer of support interface.
On his printer it’s perfect, on mine it’s very bad.
I would like to just reset all of the settings to default, but I don’t see an option for that.
Is there a way to reset the settings in Bambu Studio?


What do you mean with reset? The stock presets for printer, filament and print settings are never overwritten - if you change settings and save them you generate a new preset.

This means that you can swtich back to the stock presets anytime as with selecting one of those settings.

While I’m not familiar with the specific settings and options in Bambu Studio, I can offer some general suggestions. Instead of resetting all settings to default, which might not be available as an option, let’s focus on identifying the potential cause of the poor print quality on your printer.

Since the poor quality is specifically occurring on the layer immediately after a layer of support interface, it could be worth investigating the support settings in your slicer software. Check if the support structure density or pattern might be affecting the print quality. Adjusting these settings or experimenting with different support configurations could potentially improve the outcome.

Another aspect to consider is the filament itself. Check if there are any inconsistencies or issues with the filament you’re using. Sometimes, changes in filament quality or variations between different brands can impact the final print result. Testing with a different filament or ensuring that your filament is properly stored and in good condition might help rule out any filament-related issues.

If you’re still unable to pinpoint the cause of the poor print quality, reaching out to the Bambu Studio community or their customer support team might be beneficial. They will have more specific knowledge about the software and can provide guidance on troubleshooting steps or potential settings adjustments to improve your prints.

I hope these suggestions help you in resolving the issue and achieving better print quality.

I have the same question. I am new. When closing a project it prompts you to save changed settings. I had by accident causing permanent changes. I cann it find the default settings. Is there a default settings page or area. I am not needing to fix an issue, just looking for the answer the one question in this thread.

I have the same question too.

I have the same issues as well. If I move the print to mk3 its prints fine.

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In the drop down box for the process settings there are sections labelled “User Settings” and “System Settings”.

The System presets are the standard defaults. If you change any of these settings and attempt to save them, you must give the process a new name or " - Copy" is automatically added and the new process will then appear in the “User presets” section.

You can’t permanently change the defaults by accident since Studio does not allow changing the default presets:

Filament settings work the same way.

If you have changed the presets by directly editing the hidden .json files, re-installing Studio will create new default files.


Did you ever resolve this? I am going through something similar. Suddenly, printing fails spectacularly.

The very odd thing is it is AMS slot specific. If I move the filament to another slot, it prints fine.

So I reset Bambu Studio by deleting all of the files in ~/Library/Application Support/BambuStudio and set up Bambu Studio again, but I noticed that the app asked to sync all settings with the Bambu cloud. So I am thinking the bad settings might follow you.

I answered no to that and I am testing again.

One odd thing I’ve noticed about this slot is the flow calibration lines drawn at the front of the plate are very different than for other slots. One line vs. four or five. As if the Bambu stuff thinks it knows what to do for that material in that slot.

I will update this thread as I figure this beast out. Very frustrating.

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After the reset, a test object. Perfect. In the offending slot with the offending material.

So to repeat myself, I deleted the folder ~/Library/Application Support/BambuStudio/ then set up Bambu Studio answering heck no to sync settings with the Bambu Cloud.


After the factory reset, the K values in the AMS are lost. The list with possibly a dozen K values for your filaments has disappeared. So you have to recalibrate the dynamic flow rate for all filaments. When using multiple filaments during a print, each filament is not automatically calibrated beforehand, only one filament is calibrated if you have checked the check box before printing. If the remaining filaments are not calibrated, default settings will be used which may not be applicable to your filaments.

Any chance you know where this information is stored on a Windows 11 PC? I can’t seem to find those directories. I am assuming you are on a Mac.

I have observed the same thing. Current error message is system state is unstable; please restore factory settings. I’m beginning to suspect that means something more than just preset. Wiki.bambu etc. just states restore factiry settings with instructions how to do that.

I am having the very same issue. Never had problems, now I do… please help

Did you ever find a solution?

Can you help me find the factory set processes? I imported a 3MF via makerworld and now I can not see the factory processes. I cna only see the imported version.

That’s a strange problem. It takes a intentional effort outside of Studio to delete the default processes.

My first guess is that you downloaded a profile for a different printer, one that you do not have selected in your Studio setup ( the gear icon).

Check that and report back, then we can consider other possibilities.

I got it fixed. Thanks for the help!

how did you do it, the fix

The location is: ~\AppData\Roaming\BambuStudio

Just nuke the whole BambuStudio folder and you’ll be walked through the initial setup again.

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Same situation has just happened to me. I’ve been printing a pen holder flawlessly on my p1p. I installed the AMS on it last week and suddenly, my pen holder comes out HORRIBLE every print. Exactly as you said, at a particular layer height, right above a layer of support! Did you ever figure it out? Did you end up resetting? It is so beyond frustrating. I’ve printed this flawlessly in the past on all sorts of filaments, so i know it’s not a temp/filament/support issue. Something has changed with my printer.