Resonance Frequency on Y Axis is Low

Reposting this from the discord for further visibility. Opened a case with Bambu 6 days ago and have not heard back. I am down a printer as I can’t currently print with this machine:

I have been fighting this for a bit on my P1P. Continually have this error. I have cleaned the carbon rods 5 or 6 times now, and done the belt tensioning procedure 4 times now. I’ve ran multiple calibrations and while the error sometimes doesn’t show up right after that it will be back by the next print.

I also notice ringing, or maybe its some sort of stuttering on the print. Attached a photo. I know the filament looks junky but this was the latest print with some filament I wanted to get rid of (can’t keep wasting the good stuff). It happens with any filament I use in the machine. Even some of the nicer stuff that I’ve ran through the filament dryer. I also notice that the printer itself makes very loud “clunking” noises once this error pops up and can see that there are very small defects in the print.

Done a bit of searching and found someone that had to replace a tool head PCB. I’ve got a ticket open now with support but wondering if anyone else ran into this and has experience.

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You wrote you redid the belt tension several times. Have you actually checked if both belts have the same tension afterwards? For some machines, the springs appear to not be in sync and tension the belt to different levels.

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I did and it seems to be similar to my other P1p that doesn’t get this error. Is there something I can do to get it in sync?

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As long as both belts on the same printer have the same fequency all is fine, though it should not be so much different from the other printer.
You can finetune it by doing the normal belt tension routine, fixing first the side with the higher frequency. Then when you fix the second one, push with the thumb against the slider a bit to increase the tension and fix the screws while pushing.

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I guess the assumption is the printer’s vibration measurement is good. If this is not true you could have all kinds of problems (even this one). Once again not having calibration that verify the printer specification as apposed to a non-metric visual calibration.

Am I missing something her ? You say you have a Y axis frequency error and you’ve cleaned the X axis carbon rods multiple times??

One thing that I found on mine was when I did the “loosen and move” belt routine was I did not do it enough times and also didn’t make sure I went fully to the end stops. I felt pretty dumb when I re-did it right (about 14 full back and forths) and it fixed my belt issue.

Not sure this will help but don’t know what advice you got over on the discord.

Some people use an sound app to check the belt frequency (by plucking like a guitar), as that tells a real world number that can be compared to other machines. One app suggested is called Spectroid (Android, not sure if it’s available for iPhone).

Nice to have a standard not a guess of “it looks tight” LOL!

Yes, but you should be able to hear it quite easy yourself if you pluck it. The human ear is great at noticing unmatching frequencies.

Yes Y axis frequency. And only cleaning the X axis rods because clicking on that error, that is one of the recommended things by BambuLab. I understand they are different, just doing what the vendor says to do to rule out anything.

Attempted @Thrawn suggestion. So far calibration run shows no error. Attempting a print now. Will try @ThanksForAsking next and do back and forth more on the routine.

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It’s one of those - “Can’t hurt” things. 5 minutes.

Unless you hear like my Wife who wouldn’t notice an entire Orchestra off key. Drives me nuts since I was told by the Concert Master of the Philly Orchestra I have perfect pitch, LOL!

Was able to give the belts some extra tension by pushing on the tensioner (whatever that piece is called) while tightening the screws. So far no error and 2 successful prints. Hoping this is it. Hated to put possibly undue stress on the belts, but I ordered some replacements incase it causes issue in the future.

Short lived. Had a couple prints work but now it’s back. Tried all previous things. Tried my last solution a few times but still getting the error. This machine is dead in the water.

But Bambu lab support asked me to run an extrusion calibration… sigh

Ask Bambu Lab’s support how you can verify the vibration sensor is accurate and that the sensor is not providing the wrong data to the processor. Or suggest they need to send you replacement part to install.

I will once they reply. Not sure how long that will be since it took 7-8 days for a first response. In the mean time I am running through cleaning/tensioning. Again.

Any updates? I’m having this issue now too,

I just ordered new belts and replaced them. Error still there but prints come out just fine. According to support the error is know to show up on some printers and is a firmware thing to be fixed in a future update.

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Thanks for the info, good to know. I filled a support ticket, sent a log, but haven’t heard back. After a couple days gone by, and got error once on day one, then none since. Not sure what changed, haven’t heard from support, prints are still good.