Return the A1 but what about purchased accessories

Hi all,
does have anyone already ask what is with the purchased accessories you may have for the A1, like nozzel set or so on?
Also I did not found any information about the shipping cost for sending the A1 combo pack after the recall.
Where do we get a shipment tag or do they want that we have to pay for the shipping?
There are a lot of open question after the updated blog post from Bambu lab.

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Hi, I asked support this question as well, since I now own lots of extra (unused) parts for a printer which I might not own within a few weeks. So far they answered my question with the same blog post, so they basically avoided the subject which doesn’t give me much confidence in an answer I would be happy with.

I will keep you updated if anything changes.


thank you for your fast answer. Than I will do the same and will open a ticket

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Have the same question and opened a ticket as well. Will see…

I created a ticket at Bambu lab support now and asked them this two questions:

  1. Where do I get the shipping lable from to send the A1 printer back to you?
  2. I also bought accessories (nozzle set) specifically for the A1 printer, which of course are unusable if I send the A1 printer back. Of course, I would also like to send the accessories back and get the money refunded. How is this regulated?

I will update you as soon as I get new information

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I’m also waiting on an answer about the shipping label. I only got a canned response from support that didn’t answer my direct question.

"Bambu Lab

2024-02-05 00:59:44

Dear Customer

We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your submitted tickets.

We have important updates regarding the A1 heatbed cable issue. We are now extending the recall for all A1 printers in the market, irrespective of their condition. This decision is prompted by potential safety concerns related to the reliability of the Heatbed cable.

For detailed information and updates regarding this issue, please kindly check out our related blogs:
Original Blog: A1 Heatbed Cable Callback
Latest Update: A1 Recall Update

To ensure your usage experience and safety, we are now offering two options for handling your A1/A1 Combo:

  1. Full Return & Refund: Receive a full refund along with an $80 discount code for purchasing other Bambu Lab models. (such as A1 Mini, P1, X1 series, and the upcoming revised A1 in May).
  2. Revised Heatbed: Receive a revised heatbed with a $120 discount code. The revised heatbed is expected to be available by the end of this March, and the warranty period of your A1 printer for this option is extended by an additional 6 months.

Please carefully consider these two options and resubmit your preference using the following registration page. Sign In - Bambu lab. This will enable us to process your request more promptly. Note that you can only submit the form once through this page.

If you purchase your A1/A1 Combo from our official website, we will directly handle your request. If you purchase from an official reseller/distributor, we kindly request you to directly contact your reseller with your request. We have communicated the necessary details to all our A1 resellers/distributors, ensuring they are well-informed and capable of providing you with the identical solution.

We deeply apologize for any trouble this may cause and thank you again for your understanding and being a valued customer of Bambu Lab.

Best Regards
Bambu Lab Support


2024-02-04 21:09:56

I’m considering returning my A1 due to the heated bed cable issue. If I choose option 1, will a return shipping label be provided? This is in relation to current support ticket xxxxxxxxxx. Thanks."

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I think right now we all get the default answer by the system automatically.
I hope they will respond to our tickets soon and let us not wait to long

Same question here. I bought a set of extra nozzles with the printer. Won’t need those if I return it under the recall.

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They do take the time to respond, since it’s not automated (we would get a faster reply if it were). It’s a shame they don’t take the time to actually read the question and just see “A1 cable” and hit respond with a standard message.

I have about 100 euros of extra stuff (buildplate, nozzles, filament cutters, extruder gear, nozzle wipers), with no use to me when I decide to send back my unit (which I’m strongly considering, since I don’t fully trust the system at this point).

@BambuLab can you please update your Blogpost at A1 Recall Update and clarify the open question you currently get in this forum as well as you get via support tickets! Thank you!

They answered me on this. I think it’s a case by case

You can add multiple order numbers to the recall link you apply, please add all the orders associated with A1, and we will deal with them according to the actual situation of the machine and accessories.

I’m fine with that.

The one thing I’m wondering is under option 1 “This discount applies to the A1 Mini, P1, and X1 series printers from our store”

Does that mean it can only be applied to the printers?
They told me I would only get the discount when they get the printer. It would be nice to at least buy the printer now and at least apply the discount to parts and other things.

I agree, but IMO they should use some GPT thing to help with basic support.

Like I imagine what is happening is per 1 support person you have them dealing with 100+ people at once. There just is not enough time in the day to do a 1:1 with everyone unless if you use some AI.

Like it sucks but unless if you have an army for the support staff. There isn’t much you can do.


Thank you for the information.
Did you ask them also about a shipping label or do you hold the shipping cost by yourself in the first place?

Based on other places I think they refund you the shipping cost, but this applies to the printer. IDK if this applies to other things. Like when I bought parts I also bought filament and other things which I can’t send back. So IDK how all of that will work.

So I’m assuming it’s a case by case thing.

While AI is getting better by the day it still is a long way off solving technical problems much less technical problems logged by users that really struggle to converse in readable language.


I wonder, how to manage this, when ordering everything togerther. In my case, I ordered the A1 and the nozzels together - so only one order code and no serial no. for nozzels.

Anyone else got an update on this? I’ve been waiting for a little over 2 days on a reply from support now.

I’ve ordered the nozzle kit together with the printer as a combo and put in a separate order for a bunch of extra parts to keep in stock.

I’m debating on taking the money and walking away from BBL or upgrading to a P1S, but in both cases I’m stuck with parts I’m unable to use.

A little digging on the wiki page regarding the issue:

In case you didn’t find the answer by now, yes. The email we all got says that the $80 discount code can be applied to printers. The $120 discount code can be applied to anything from their shop.

That’s pretty generous of them, I mean they really couldn’t do much more than they are doing. I noticed in the last support message I got it seems to suggest they will even refund the original shipping costs.

They will, check the full wiki page on the subject! But to be fair, covering the situation is pretty standard and I believe regulated by EU norms, the returning of accessories and the extra shop-amount you get are not standard however. It’s just them showing they f’d up and trying to salvage the brand from this situation.

To be fair the fact that they are willing to review and take back whatever you might want returned makes me more interested in going from A1 to P1S. So the marketing magic is working :wink:

FYI I’m a professional draughtsman working as a consultant, so I know (a little) about how companies like BBL tend to operate. This is fully regulatory and anything extra is a boon to the consumer.