Roller stuck after unload

I have had issues with spools being pulled out of slots since I received my printer some time ago.
Now I have identified the issue.
After retracting (unloading) the fillament, the roller gets stuck and can not spin in the load direction at all. I can not even spin it by hand. This remains until I manualy spin the roller in the unload direction for just a bit. Then some gears release and it can then spin freely in both directions.

Does anyone know this issue? Should I contact Bambu support?

Thank you.

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The roller might be unseated. H
This post has a link of a picture of one unseated.

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I ckecked the bearings, and they look fine. Thank you for the tip anyway.

This may help… AMS setup and Filament Loading | Bambu Lab Wiki

Look for the word “stuck” in the page.

This looks exactly what is happening to me. But from that page it seems like this is normal operation :upside_down_face:

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“Normal” is a relative term. lol I did get a chuckle out of seeing a corrugated cardboard spool in the last photo on the page.

I am having this same issue and figured out the gears were not disengaging causing the filament not to feed when switching colors. has anyone gotten a solution yet?

Hello I have the same issiue as well. Could you find a solution?