Rough looking top layer

I’m using default settings and have gotten great top layers previously but all prints are coming out now with a rough looking top layer.

1st print - fantastic, nice top layer, clean letters
2nd print (wolves) - rough top layer, harder to read letters

Any ideas?


So far I have tried the following
Did flow dynamics and flow rate
Upped the top layer to 4 instead of 3 (made it worse)
Dropped the top layer speed (about the same)
Cleaned nozzle

Looking for any suggestions…


A bunch of people have noticed this. There’s some discussion in this thread. Not sure if the cause has been identified yet.

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Have you left the Filament outside ? between the prints or while printing
Dry the filament.
The auto flow calibrations are unreliable so manual suggest if the drying dose not help . But flow/K calibrations needs to be done on a dry filament ( i guess this is P1 so only manual) I use Orca slicer better calibration options
There a quite a few discussions for perfect top layer and good top layer

  • More top layers gives better finish usually , but if it makes it worse that means - Wet filament , incorrect flow or K( dynamic flow) issues , more rare temperature or ambient temperature issue guessing PLA
  • But lately a new problem has been experienced including myself - after firmware upgrade factory reset and machine calibration is required ( do not ask me why but it solved quite a few issues )

These prints were done an hour apart from each other so I don’t think there should be an issue with the filament? I could be wrong though. Filament has been dried.

I will try the factory reset and post results as soon as I can.
Factory reset worked WONDERS!!! To need to adjust anything.

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Tune flow. not dynamic flow. The Flow Rate. There is too much plastic and the nozzle is carving rows in the top.

@Cleric happy to here that factory reset worked , wondering what Bambu changed a lot of people reported same problems and factory reset worked . I think they need to update the firmware update procedure :smiling_face_with_tear:

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