RTSP For video Stream to OBS

It would be nice to have a way to take the video stream from the camera in the X1C and stream it directly to OBS, or allow OBS to access it.


I fully agree : a direct video stream would also allow to check the camera from a linux box, in an easy way.

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This would be great!

I was going to ask this a while ago. Would love to get the stream so I can integrate it into my automation system

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I would also love to see this integration! :sunglasses:

For reference there is a second topic on this subject (ideally speaking, both should be merged / otherwise, please vote on both !)

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@jterranella Thanks for your suggestion. This feature is in Studio’s todo list.


@roman.gao Please tell us you do not refer to the newly added “Go live” feature. That must be the worst way of solving this problem :confused:


I use several RTSP apps so I can put my printers on my Apple TV to monitor while I work or just to check-in. This was a disappointment not having the ability to have a direct feed. I hope they add this soon. I really do not want to have to hack around the Go Live FFMPEG feed they have.

So does the window capture to streaming output feature in OBS not work with Bambu Studio? I know in some cases all you get is a black screen where the video is, depending on the drawing method being used for the video. Haven’t had a reason to try this, so just curious if that’s an issue.

i think its currently quite a fangled solution with the file link and having to use OBS, it should present a normal standard rtsp or whatever (ndi would be nice !?) as not everyone (with respect) uses free open source solutions like OBS, currently with VMIX or blackmagic pro streaming equipment, i have to fangle around through OBS and re-pipe to other software which is somewhat “messy”

I would also like the RTSP stream to be available so I can integrate the BambuLab camera into my existing camera solution.

I’ve been using RSTP to monitor my X1Cs for a while, but it’s not an official or documented feature.

Note: This method disables cloud-based features. However, the direct local connection using LAN Only mode is arguably more secure and definitely has faster print job transfers. Switching to a more advanced slicer, like OrcaSlicer, may offset the loss of cloud features.

To stream the video from your X1C camera to OBS:

At the Printer:

  1. Settings (hexagonal icon)
  2. General Tab
  3. Enable Video (if not already on)
  4. Network Tab
  5. Enable LAN Only (if not already on)
  6. Write down or snap a picture of the printer’s IP Address and Access Code
  7. Power cycle (restart) the printer


  1. Add Source > Media Source
  2. Give the Media Source a descriptive name. I use <printer number> <manufacturer> <model>, e.g., #1 Bambu X1 Carbon.
  3. Uncheck Local File
  4. Set Input to rtsps://bblp:<Access Code>@<Printer IP Address>:322/streaming/live/1

Can you use the same input URL for OBS in other programs, for example VLC?

I’d like to see this whether it’s in lan mode or not. If I’m using OBS and I’m on the same network as my printers I should be able to request the stream if it’s not already in use by the app, studio or the cloud.