Manually add printer by IP/domain name

Could we add the possibility of manually adding the printer to Bambu Studio using its IP or domain name (e.g., we give it a DNS record)?

My printer lives on my IoT VLAN and it can’t (on purpose) be seen by my computers (since they live on a different VLAN) as I do not allow mDNS across VLANs, but I can see the printer from my secure VLAN (i.e., Secure VLAN can see into IoT VLAN, but not the other way).

This would also make RTSP For video Stream to OBS and Direct Lan Connection issue much easier to handle.


This one is an excellent point from a security point-of-view and should absolutely be addressed. Living in Europe we consider security/privacy a high value, and thus love to separate some things from others. I can see no reason a printer should talk to host computers (unless the computer opens the connection) so it should absolutely be able for it to reside in another network (should it be implemented by physical means or logically such as VLAN).

I need this. I hate having it live on my default vlan just so I can get to it. DNS record would work across vlans.

I have exactly the same issue; all IoT devices live on a separate VLAN with it’s own WiFi SSID. My development machine sits on my main network and currently can only communicate with my printer via the cloud. Surely now with the advent of the X1E this must change. I plan to purchase two of these printers for my two engineering sites and corporate IT will insist they go on a lab subnet, not the main network on which the engineers laptops sit. And we won’t be able to use the cloud, obviously, so this really is a must have.


Same here. Still hope we get heard some day :wink:
@BambuLab bump

Us to - making our X1E unusable at work…

Multi-cast is a no-no internally on our networks and no one trusts 3rd party cloud for login/authentication anymore…