Running Diamondback Nozzle in P1S

Hello all,
As the stated above I plan to use this mod ( Printables )
with a Diamond back .04 nozzle in my P1S. Has anyone done this or something similar? Also how does the P1S Z home? Pressure on the nozzle when it taps the build plate or induction on the build plate? I am concerned that the diamond will cause issues with homing if its induction. Thoughts opinions welcome.


Pressure sensors under the bed for p1s, p1p and x1c. Sensor in the head for a1 mini.

Thank you, hopefully this works then.

Interesting project. Please share with us you experience when you’re finished. Good or bad.


Had drill out the part with the heat fins a bit more then the mod described but I made sure to match the stock length and its works good. Still working on tuning but id say it works. I used all bambu parts fan, heater, thermistor, paste, silicon sock.

I’m eager to hear how your output may differ from the stock nozzle. Let us know what differences you experience.

Its the same nozzle size .04 but my hope is I’ll never have to mess with it ever again and print anything they come out with.

Ooh, you piqued my interest! I have an extra DB 0.4 hanging around, gonna have to give this a shot!

Used this mod:

Had to drill approximately 2mm deeper into the cooler though. Made sure the overall length matched a stock hot end. Homing works fine. Wipes the same as stock. Parts fan seems to work just the same, and I used all bambu parts besides the hot end. Hot end: Imdinnogo BCZAMD 3D Printer BambuLab X1 P1P Hotend Upgrade Kit: 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle 24V 48W Heating Rod High Temperature Resistance Fast Heat-Up Compatible 1.75mm Filament Print Accessories

Its important to make sure the over all length of the hot end matches the stock hotend. When I recalibrated the printer it threw a temp error then hasn’t had a problem since. currently printing spools ill post results.

I been using a diamondback nozzle for over a year now on my X1 and the P1S since release. Works great but does we’re out the wiper a little bit more.

My nozzles just a little bit different lol

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Can either of the two posters who’ve had success with this mod detail the differences they’ve noticed between the DB nozzles and stock harden nozzles?

Is it worth the $$$ and effort?


V6 nozzle comparability so you can use nozzles that don’t suck. Stock Bambu hotends and nozzles are trash.

Hotend is less prone to heatcreap

Hotend won’t fail like the Bambu’s flawed design. Nozzles pushing out or heatblocls being pushed off the heartbreak.

Better thermals. stock Bambu hotend uses a brass heatblock and that’s where most of the issues come from. Upgraded hotends use nickle plated copper.

So the hotend mod is definitely worth the effort. When I came up with it it was not hard but pretty tedious. Another user built off that and made it very easy to do. And can be done by hand with his fixture and some drill bits in less then minutes and I tested it and not only was it a perfect fit but very repeatable. And I highly recommend it. This only works on the older style upgraded hotend.

As for diamondback nozzles. It dapends. I personally run them because I want the best. There are off brands not but they are not close to the quality of the diamondback. The benefits are.

Highest thermal conductivity and fastest cooling.

Less nozzle leaking whe pause a print. It cools much faster.

Stringer layer adhesion.

Lower temps. You can print usually 10 to 15c lower due to how well the polycrystallin conducts heat.

Prints are less prone to change the finish of the color based on speed because of the better thermal conductivity.

Nozzle tip is the highest wear resistance you can get.

If you want something cheaper thungsten carbide is a great bang for the buck nozzle. Tungsten carbide not tungsten alloy.

Personally I think they are work it. But think about ROI. You will be about $130 into a hotend. Do you need that? Would you be better off with a Tungsten carbide setup that improves everything over stock but comes in around $80 for a setup. Is the $50 worth it? To me it is. But I’m an engineer and don’t print any of the stuff these hobbyst do. I’m printing 25-30% cf pa6,12 PC PPS etc. So I want that gain and when I’m running a $130 spool of fillament or a $250 spool of thermally conductive PA6 that $50 is nothing.

Same nozzle but you can’t buy this version. I got a bunch of different versions of them including production ones and it is my go to nozzle and tested every single nozzle. I use these at work and I use them at home they are that good.

Looking at the tip of a diamondback when its heated up. Great nozzles.

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Thank you for the detailed response! I really appreciate it.

I don’t think $130 is too much to invest if the benefits are there.

I was very impressed with the Diamond Back nozzles when I saw them featured on a Zack Freedman video and wanted to get one for my P1P. At the time there didn’t appear to be any upgrade path for BL printers to be able to use them.

Is this the mod you’re referring to?

They are coming out with a hotend for the X and p series. No idea when it will be available I got some production nozzles over a year ago that are still not released. Also slice eng. Is releasing a hotend.

I would pick up one of the upgraded nozzles. Original version not the older one and a diamondback it’s a great combo. But that diamondback will kill the wiper fast. There’s a print for the “ultimate” wiper basically it’s a tube you cut and I been using that with one and it works great and holding up much better then the stock wiper and I would recommend getting that made.

Left is a popular e3d nozzle after less then 1/2 of a spool of some 30% CF PC filament. On the right is a diamondback after a year of heavy heavy use with cf PPS, PA6, PA12, PC. 25-30% and after 8kg of 85% tungsten fillament.

What looks like defects are just the reflection of the sintering. The surface is lapped to an optical grade finish. I actually checked it on some equipment we have at my work for face checking fiberoptics and I was shocked how far they took the finish it’s really unnecessary to lap it down to that finish. But this is a quality nozzle.

Not a scratch non it just from cleaning off oils from it after touching it.

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I am really looking forward to getting the DiamondBack official hotend if it hits the market

There’s a bunch coming out. I got a halidas at home right now that’s based off the slice hotend I got for the X1 that’s not released. Not exact but it’s close enough to know someone let some information slip about the slice hotend.