Runout not detected (x1c+ams)

Has anyone else had trouble with the AMS detecting filament runout?

In my last multi-material print, I was using up the last of some filament in slot A1; When the filament finally ran out, the AMS happily just kept sending it to the x1c, and when the material change was triggered, the AMS wasn’t able to withdraw from the tool head, leading to an error on the x1c. “failed to pull back the filament from the toolhead to AMS.”

I ultimately had to disconnect the AMS ptfe from the x1c and withdraw the filament out of the x1c and AMS by hand.

Is there a way to check if the AMS runout sensor is working properly?

single ams
all bambu filament

When printing the same material/color,it will continue printing unless the extruder detect a runout. But as soon the AMS detects the runout you can change the filament already. After the extruder filament runout it will feed the filament from AMS, purge, and continue printing.

Sorry, either I don’t understand your reply, or something else is going on.

This was a multi-material print. The AMS appeared to have pushed the filament past the point where it could be retracted. And since it was trying to change material, it needed to retract back from the extruder.

Simply sticking in another roll and inserting it into the AMS wouldn’t help because it wouldn’t be attached to the tail that was in the PTFE between AMS and X1C, therefore it couldn’t be retracted back to spool, so a new color could be loaded.

My fault.
But when the AMS detected a filament runout and you have to change color during the multi color it should purge the old color untill the extruder detects the filament runout. From that point the new color will load and print from the AMS.

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