Save the print to SD card by default

When I’m printing production, I’d like my file, at the printer, to automatically save to the SD card by default.

It would make it easier to get up and run the next morning, and wouldn’t require moving the SD card from machine to machine.

Thank you.


if you use the cloud function then it save to internal memory ( the other tab )
from there you can restart the last printed print
so unless you start it from the sd card it would be saved in memory

on other side, if using the cloud function then you do not need to move anything as you can send it over the cloud

but also some other good news
the last ting i hear was that they where working on a way to save your files to a sd card from internal memory, or directly from the slicer to the sd card instead of memory

i got no more info about that , but i guess it will be avaible in a few releases
so atleast in the future it should be possible that way, for now only the cloud way is possible.

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I agree. When you send the print to printer via the cloud, the last print does show on the printer to be able to reprint it - but it would be nice if you could actually store it on the printer to print again later, not just the last print only saving.

Sending to the printer via the cloud without having to take out the SD card and put it in the PC, copy it over, and put it back in the printer - is great! But I just wish you could save those cloud prints to the card or internal memory as you need.


I second this. Gcode, and even 3MF, are small compared to video files and I would really like to have everything I’ve ever printed available in a folder on the SD card. An option to auto-save all prints to the SD card would be fantastic.


In the handy mobile app there is a history of all prints. They can all be printed. Just click on the little person icon - bottom right.


This feature is in the works. No ETA but I suspect soon.


I like this feature on my Prusa Sl1S. Every file uploaded is saved internally in a separate folder to the example files


Hi @emogee,
Im in the same boat as you.
Did you find a way of doing this?

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this is great, thank you! But do you think it will be possible to send it directly to the printer? My last 50MB file took for ever to get to the printer via the cloud… :wink:

Best regards


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This feature was already implemented in the last firmware / Studio updates. In studio you can send to SD Card, or if you have multiple plates send all the plates to the SD card.

Thank you. But this assumes to start the print from the printer display which in turn means I don’t get any informatin om my mobile phone.

I just tried this (sending directly to SD card and starting via printer display) and as if the printer new it, it stopped with a (false) spaghetti detection, sitting there and doing… nothing. :slight_smile: Fortunately I opened my BS and took a look.

Or did I do something wrong?

Any plans to expand that functionality to not require LAN Only / local? For example, being able to push to the sd card via the Cloud from a remote connected Bambu Studio session.

Or implement some form of queue manager so you can queue up multiple prints, without them being multiple plates.

When I’m at work, I ask my wife (who works from home) to empty the build plate and put it back inside the printer.

Then I remotely access the computer in my shed, start up Bambu Lab Studio and I can do everything I want to to start a print, that is, if the right filament is in the AMS.

I also do this whenever I want to start a print during the day but I’m at the office. (during the day, the printer runs on my solar panels so no power costs). I usually know when I’m going to want to print so I make sure the right filament is loaded.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but the results are the same

There is a new feature that cache cloud printing file to SD card in 1.4.0 firmware. Here is the release notes X1/X1-Carbon and AMS Firmware Release History | Bambu Lab Wiki.

April 2023 and it still cannot be done - the best they can do is to cache last print on SD, while there is no way to save it permanently.

As a coder myself, I am wondering how can be so difficult to write on SD - all I can think of is because of security issue: like an hacker sending “unappropriate” STLs to zillion of printers and order to start printing. Otherwise, coding side, looks easy to add and quite a useful function.


10 most recently print files should be saved to the printer cache. and you should be able to heart certain files for long term storage that wont get deleted.

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November 2023, still not done? Wow.

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@SirWill Thannks for that, a good feature many of us would use.
Also - for fast prototypinng - sending non-makerworld files via the handyapp, from your shop tablet, for example onShape App, save the 3mf \stl file to your mobile device and send it via Handy app.

Would be expected limtiationss, handyapp iss not a slicer or bambu studio, but something like that would be very wink HANDY

Absolutely insane that this simple feature hasn’t been implemented. I have a huge SD card in my printer, every print that I send to the printer should BY DEFAULT, get saved to the SD. I can’t even manually save a print file to the SD, since I’m on a different network.

Employee posts indicate this feature was in the works November 22. Well it’s been over a year. This is an ongoing annoyance that costs me time and efficiency. I don’t want to scroll through my print history in the app (which doesn’t go all the way back to when I got the printer, old prints are lost). I want local saves to happen by default with every new print so that I or someone else can start a print manually from the printer.

Please, please, please BambuLab make this happen!

It’s already there. On the X series there is a check box to “save cached files to the SD card” and on the P series it does this automatically.