Save user filament presets to AMS

I suggest there should be a way to save user filament profiles to the AMS.
Currently you set up the filaments loaded in the AMS from the device tab, but the drop down for the filament type only has the stock filaments available.
That means that once those are set for the types, when you change to the prepare window and query the AMS, all the custom user profiles are replaced with the stock ones.
Then you have to manually reassign each slot with the custom user filament profiles.

I propose that the drop down selection of filament from the Device->AMS edit menu be populated with the user presets along with the factory as well.


When I have populated the AMS with various types/colours of filament, I do setup the settings for the different filament incl colours and then I store that setup as a project. When you switch off the machine and on again, you can load this project and the old setup will be there again.


I just spent an hour looking for this “feature”. I’m blown away that this isn’t implemented already.


it is even easier to simply click on the project file which contains the settings required (see my earlier post) and BL Studio will open up as required.

Your workaround works, thanks. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way. With hundreds of specialized filaments on hand, having to pre-make projects just to setup the filaments we have in the machine is slightly overwhelming.


I believe that selecting User Presents from the AMS drop-down makes sense. Storing them in a project means only having to set them up again for each new print/project. This increases the likelihood of a mistake being made.


Hi, and I’m with Funkton & others, I’m using Bambu Studio, I have created my AMS filaments and have saved in the User Presets. When I go to print, I cannot select the right filament because the AMS thinks I have the wrong type in there, so go to Device>Status, and you can’t write the User Presets you have created, just the system wide presets… c’mon guys this is a little silly and reduces the user interaction with the AMS. BTW, I could do this in 2016 with a Robox RBX01 in their AutoMaker software and their EEPROM chipped reels.


I agree, this feature is essential for non Bambu filament users which most users probably do not use.


+1 Please add this feature. I was surprised when assigning filament types in the AMS to not find my user created filament presets in there. It’s not intuitive and it creates a lack of confidence that you are printing with your user created preset.


+1 same here. I would like to select my presets in the dropdown of the AMS.


I am using Babu Studio Beta and unfortunately I have to report that even in this version no user filaments can be selected in the Device section of the AMS.

You still have to select them in the Preparation section in the respective AMS slots after each start of Bambu Studio. The selected filament profiles are then still not taken over in the AMS view under Device. So you have to remember in which slot you have loaded which profile under Preparation.

Very annoying…

AMS loads are shown and can be set on the X1 (not P1P as far as I know).

Being able to set and display custom filament profiles would require significant work on the X1 firmware or for that printer set/show ability to be scrapped which I suspect would end up looking and working like the P1P.

For the P1P you can hack some of the printer .json profile files adding custom filament profiles which can then be assigned to AMS slots in studio. I assume the P1P just gets given and remembers the profile name and when syncing studio with the AMS or matching AMS slots to studio filament palette entries it just uses that name. I am guessing it does not store a complete profile. I am guessing this won’t work at all on the X1, but, never tried. What happens if that profile no longer exists or is on some other machine? No idea.

This really is an area Bambu needs to improve. At the moment the only way it isn’t kinda crepe is if you exclusively use Bambu filaments with rfid tags and are happy with their profiles.

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Wow, it’s really quite a disappointment not being able to select own filament-profiles for the AMS. Especially because the very low amount of stock-filament profiles.

Its really quite a bummer. I just got my x1 carbon yesterday, have been trying it out and was in complete flow and almost high on how crazy good and advanced this machine is.

But in the end, it comes down to money. They want to sell us their filaments and not use other ones. There is absolutely no reason for them to invest in a feature which makes it more easy to NOT buy from Bambulab.

Given the greatness of the machine, the whole rest of the experience really, I would actually have no problem buying most filament from bambulab… but it’s all sold out.

Also, special stuff like wood-pla, overture rock-pla, will probably never be covered by bambulab and it’s just bad policy to not allow users to create and use profiles for those types of filament.

So, yea. The lesson here in the end is: Nothing is perfect and money still talks.

I’d like to add that yes, you can edit filaments and save them
Edit Filament
Here’s where I edited one of my wood filaments.

Just pick the closest Generic filament listed to what you have and make the changes you need; Color, Temps, etc.
After you’ve made any changes, name it and hit the Save button:

Correct! Brain fart. Have done it enough it’s second nature! Edited to correct.

Sure I did that. But you can not select the user filaments for the ams

That’s absolutely true. I don’t think the AMS has a lot of smarts or availible storage (memory).

I don’t think this is the problem. Here is why:

  1. If it was a memory problem and the full presets (all filament parameters) were saved in the AMS the problem could be solved by only saving the presets in the ams which are actually loaded. In this case only the software on the printer or even the app or the cloud would have all presets.
  2. I have installed ALL filaments available at the moment. If it was a memory problem, I would happily delete a couple of those so that I could install a couple of mine.
  3. A filament preset is only 3000 Bytes, 3kB, if this becomes a memory problem on the AMS, it has really not a lot of memory.
  4. If 3 is the case, it could be solved by only saving the name or even identifier of the filament in the AMS and store the preset data in the machine, which is the one who actually needs them.

Any of the above ways of dealing with lack of smarts or memory in the AMS is so obvious, that only a very very stupid programmer would not do them. And if we know one thing about Bambulab it is: These people are VERY VERY GOOD programmers.

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LOL! All that is spot on. They are very good for sure. Lets hope they do this, I personally think the AMS should keep the filaments we set.

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Add me to this list, I have been using Bambu filaments, but they are too hard to get reliably, so trying other brands today, made a user preset for it, then couldn’t figure out how to select it on the AMS and find my preset. Got frustrated and told it what slot, R U Sure?, yup, and got it printing. Searched the forum here for two seconds and found this thread.
Please add this option to Bambu Studio, there are so many filament options out there, this is a no brainer.