Save user filament presets to AMS

Add me too, having different settings in the studio than on the AMS is a no-go.

I like Bambu brand filament, but they’re often out of stock. In addition, I have many other brands/styles of filament that don’t have a match in Bambuland… silk baby blue of just the right hue, 2-color filament that looks great for a specific object, a specific brand/color of PETG or whatever. But the Bambu Studio AMS limits me to “Bambu ” or “Generic ”. Silk needs different settings. Different brands often need different settings. Different colors sometimes need different settings. But I have to choose “Generic ” and make sure I have the desired filament loaded at print time. Ugh. Why?

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You can edit the “Generic” for any filament and save the changes as a new name so you can one click choose it later. That includes the color, as a matter of fact you can even specify the exact HSL or RGB settings of the color to get that “baby blue”.

Tip - Include the nozzle you’re using as it stores the flow rate and a .4 doesn’t have the same values for the same filament as a .6 would. Like:
MatterHackers PLA+ Baby Blue .6

Some vendors like Polymaker give the exact color on their website, or you can use a phone app to capture it (watch your lighting) that will give you the numbers to plug into the color choice box.

There’s been some discussion of those color values are honored by the AMS to determine purging volume, as a dark blue needs more purging going to white than a super light blue … One day when I get time (famous last words :grin:) I’ll run a test of that.

It refers to the AMS places under the tab “Device”.
There it is unfortunately not possible to choose your own filaments and can only use the default setting. Here Bambu Studio should better just automatically take over the filament places on the tab “Prepare”.

I think the ‘confusion’ raises that there is a ‘generic PLA’ profil as a setting and there is the ‘generic PLA’ in the AMS. And it is not very intuitiv - specially for new comers.

Once you get used to it, that it only matters that if you select PLA as type in your filament and PLA is the type of filament in the AMS is selected as PLA everything makes click. I personally don’t even care if I select Polymaker, Generic or Bambu PLA in the AMS :slight_smile: I only check that the spool and filament preset in the slicer matches.

But yes, from an UE-point of view there is a lot of improvement possible. Would be nice to hear from BL-team if this is even something they are going to consider in their roadmap.


I think this is one of the big ones that someone new doesn’t get. When you have a button that purports to SYNC with the AMS in Studio’s Prepare section it leads one to think that the data flows both directions. SYNC by definition means bi-directions data flow.

If you use it and go to the printer you expect to see your choice loaded there, but it’s not. That’s confusing for the user.

Exactly! There’s a “Generic PETG” in the AMS and another “Generic PETG” in the filament selection. And while I can create a filament like “Prusament PETG Galaxy Black 0.4” (thank you for the tip btw) based on the “Generic PETG” filament, the AMS confusingly shows “Generic PETG”.

So every time I print, I’m double- and triple-checking what’s in the AMS and what I have selected for filament in Bambu Studio. And it did take me a while before I realized that the two identically-named items are only kinda related.

It would make so much more sense to get rid of the brand names in the AMS and just allow a color and material selection for each slot. Like this:

1: Lt Blue PLA
2: Red PLA
3: Black PLA-CF
4: Orange ABS

It would be much easier and less error-prone than what exists now.

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In principle, it would be quite simple. In the “Register” Device, the AMS queries the inserted filament in the AMS and for each loading location in which no filament is detected by means of an NFC, the filament is taken from the “Prepare” register.
This can be done quite easily by Bambu Studio. In principle, the selected filament from the “Prepare” register applies unless the respective location is overwritten by the detection of an NFC.

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From an UX-point of view it would make most sense IMHO.

Ok, but I (may overcomplicating things) see already questions raising which settings are used than from newbies. It really doesn’t solve the problem that ppl gets confused with the filament settings in the sliced file and what is maybe set in the AMS (or in reality not set). Because if custom fil-settings are getting changed for whatever reason (tuning, new batch of spools) once they update the filament preset they may think it is valid once they start printing. Which would not be true - as the settings in the sliced files are the master.
And what about those that have multiple machines? Or like my workflow where I prep several files in advance (also for example if there would be flaws in my design during printing). I ‘would’ not like those transported ‘magically’

Don’t have a real solution to this, but as it is currently most of us adapted their workflow to the current state of the machine and software (as it is very likely for other printers owned).

I also thought I was doing something wrong because couldn’t find an option to sync my own presets to the AMS…

I’m not even trying to sync different settings for a filament, just having the custom vendor name shown correct would be enough for me.
Otherwise I have to dopple check everytime which filament is in which slot.
I have multiple filamente for black and white for example… to check which one is inserted I have to open the AMS and lift the role because you can’t see the label for most vendors when insert in slot 2,3 and 4.

Please add a simple features like that.
Renaming would be a good start, of course even better when the whole profile from Bambu Studio would be in sync.


I think this “feature” is this way is meant to lightly encourage us to buy BL filament vs another brand. Of you only use BL filament the syncing works perfectly. The workaround of using User Presets can be a little annoying if you’re not sure what filament is in the AMS but otherwise works pretty well.

+1 on request for custom filament types / user filament presets in the AMS.

I print a lot of HIPS and the only way to get this working is I assign it as “Generic PC” in the AMS, and then created a user profile in BS. When I print, if I sync the AMS I have to both remember to re-select my filament preset because if I sync with the AMS and DON’T change it, then I end up printing with the PC settings which is too hot. This should be a trivial change of adding User Presets in the AMS firmware. It’s already in BS, so when you push to the printer, if the preset isn’t there already… add it. If it’s there, use it. When printing from the cache, you just have to select the preset that was pushed.

This doesn’t seem like a hugely difficult request. I understand BL wants us to use their filament or certified filaments, but there’s a LOT of filaments out there which the community use that BL doesn’t supply. I use BL filament when I can, but some of the items I sell has to use filaments which are outside of the BL world.


You can in the Prepare tab of the slicer software, just not in the Device tab. If you create user filaments and populate the AMS filaments here, you see them in the Devices tab, but you cannot edit them. This is a software issue, as you should be able to double click these icons and the filament window should open, like it does in the Prepare tab, and this would allow you to edit here as well.

I do realise Bambu Labs are trying to improve, but it’ll take a while for the glitches to come out.


I almost cannot believe this is still a thing. I just googled to see what I’m doing wrong and I see this is still an issue since Nov last year (in this thread). Even if you use only Bambu Lab filaments, you are not going to only use their default presets and not change or calibrate anything from there.

I have two AMS units and am constantly changing filaments in them (will probably add two more eventually and still change out filaments often). I have tried putting a remote camera pointing at my AMS stack but that only shows me colors and I’m never 100% sure which filament is which, so I am constantly walking back and forth to verify before I send any print. So annoying!

Please, please fix this!

OK, I’m not actually going insane that this isn’t possible. I just want a PLA print to ACTUALLY stick to the Cool Plate. So I thought it would be a simple thing of bumping the initial layer surface temp up. Save a custom PLA - Hot Start filament.

Still can’t figure out how to make the AMS actually use this in filament loaded into a slot. What is the point of this printer if I have to feed everything not using the AMS to actually get it to stick to their build surface? The only filament I can get to stick to anything is ASA.

This printer is a mix of brilliant and completely stupid. So wish I ordered the textured plate and didn’t believe the hype for the lidar. I just want a damn print to work reliably on the Cool Plate.

you can still use your own custom profiles with the AMS. It’s just that you have to assign them in the “Prepare” tab in your project file, so they are saved with the project, but NOT saved in the device tab or in the printer itself. So every time you load a project file that was saved using different filaments or a different filament order in the AMS units and then you “Resync” and then it will reset all of your assigned slots to the defaults. Then you have to go through (all 8 slots in my case) and reassign your own custom profiles every time you load a project file. If you never, ever change your AMS filaments it’s not as annoying, but still very stupid indeed.

But just to be clear, Bambu Studio or Orca Slicer will use the profile in the Prepare tab to generate the G-Code (whichever one is assigned to the object number). It’s just that they keep resetting every time you sync, because you cannot save the custom profiles to the device.

I hope that helps at least a little, @sacherjj (you don’t have to load filaments manually into the printer to use your own profile). It will use the selected profile in “Prepare” and then when you send the job, make sure to select the correct AMS slot that has your filament.

So it really doesn’t matter what you chose under the device/ams tap?

it does matter because it will match the filament “TYPE” with what is in the AMS. For example if your custom profile for “PC-CF” says the type is “PC” (there is no option for PC-CF unfortunately) then when you submit your print, it will only allow you to pick an AMS slot that matches the same “PC” filament type. If you had all of your AMS slots set up as the same material type then I suppose it would let you pick any slot, as long as they all match your custom profile type. It’s the same btw for both Bambu Studio and Orca Slicer (which I am using).

Some recent updates to Bambu Studio and X1C firmware are allowing you to also save pressure advance values in the AMS slot. So it seems things are VERY SLOWLY improving. So keep in mind, at some point, eventually, what I’m saying above will probably no longer be true (but for now it still is).

I would also like it for the direct feed. So that when I load a filament, it prompts me automatically to select what filament it is. Already had some oopsies, where I’ve printed PLA with PETG preset