Shipping damage -- my printer came BROKEN

This is general feedback, I hope Bambu takes this to heart.

My X1C arrived via UPS damaged. This is not the first time (by any measure) that UPS has mangled a package. In fact, it often looks like they take pleasure in destroying things. And this is not unique to UPS, Fedex is even worse. I say this to urge Bambu to rethink how they package their amazing products. There are few things worse than receiving a treasured product only to find it’s been destroyed by some goon at the shipping company.

A product like this needs a minimum of two inches of durable padding around all edges and faces and double-thick corrugated carton. In addition any fragile items, such as glass tops or doors need special treatment – shippers LOVE to put heavy items on top of boxes like this!

I know Bambu is having growing pains, but it’s a real heartache when a fine product like this isn’t packed to survive the reality of todays freight carriers.


@nrosenberg I have received a broken printer TWICE now! I placed my order May 5, never opened that package and refused it (obvious damage) and it took a month to process and send me a return. When I finally received my replacement unit yesterday, June 7, the box looked fine but on removing the printer in bag I noticed the front door was shattered and glass was everywhere. I’m frustrated enough by this that I may just move on from Bambu. We’ll see what the return team tells me this time. My first printer came from California the second came from Canada. Looks like both routes break printers…

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I do have another issue… I bought an X1 carbon combo but for a reason I don’t know it was returned midway to them. In DHL it shows returned to sender, in their website successfully delivered and I cannot reach them in any email or ticket now for two days… this doesn’t start well…

Mine showed successfully delivered as well during return to sender phase, so hopefully that isn’t a sign of a problem. I do know that they adamantly would not ship another unit until the first arrived at their shop in CA. I was pretty frustrated about this because as a commercial customer who never received a product, I saw no reason they needed to wait. The package was refused, most other professional vendors I work with would have shipped another unit at that point rather than make the customer wait a month. They say their turn time is 3 days, so we’ll see. At first I thought I was OK cleaning the glass out if they sent me a door, but now I’m second guessing myself thinking of all the belts/mechanisms and wonder if I will end up with a third unit now.

Bambu got back with me and asked if I could check for other damage, after which they would send me a door and other required parts. Unfortunately, the glass is EVERYWHERE including in my hands and office. The glass shattered into fine crystals which have coated the lead screws and shafts. After completing calibration, the printer stated it needed lubrication which I never observed on my 7 other P1P machines. I have requested a replacement for what will be my THIRD attempt at this machine. At this point I am regretting the investment, $1500+ dollars and nothing to show for it after over a month with only platitudes from the company in compensation.

It took me about two months of back-and-forth with BL tech support to simply get a proper replacement for the top cover. Like you, I had to work like mad with an industrial vacuum cleaner to get all the little bits of sharp glass out of all the hiding spaces in the printer. At one point this entailed picking up the printer and shaking like crazy upside-down, sideways etc. until I didn’t hear the tell-tale “klinking” sound of glass banging around.

Then I had to inspect and clean all of the leadscrews, belts, pulleys etc. to remove any little bits of glass that would damage things once they started to move. I had to do a bit of surgery on the power supply – a triangular shard of glass had even gotten inside that. I also had to re-lubricate the leadscrews, since the cleaning process had removed most of the grease.

Long story short, it’s now a properly operating printer. Can’t say for sure, but I doubt if there are a lot of other folks who would have gone to the lengths I did to get it fixed. And at NO point did BL suggest replacement. Disappointing.

BTW I have been designing and building 3d printers for about a decade, even published a book about it and taught this at the college level. Just saying.

Finally, I have subsequently ordered and received two more X1C/AMS printers, and thankfully both arrived unharmed.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I really hope it doesn’t come to that for me. Very cool that you design and build printers. I’m going to order your book! Some of my prior research was in the earlier days of 3d printing, we called it “Free Form Fabrication” at that lab. The machine was FDM using an electron beam and wire feed stock inside of a vacuum chamber.

Seeing that a seasoned pro like yourself chose to order two more makes me feel a little better.

VERY WORRYING…. no reply from tickets about my order, no reply from PM’s on here about my order NOW I read it printer arrives damaged.
What have I bought into? The printer gets great reviews that why I bought it (still not arrived), but wished I had read/joined this forum first as none of this is YouTube reviews.

My other printer (a Prusa) has problems, but at least they get back to you within a day.

Fingers crossed BL sorts customer services out ASAP.

Same here.
I recieved my X1 carbon with AMS 2 days ago and it was hit in the front top left corner during shipping (DHL).
The box on first inspection seemed ok, but after I saw the internal dmg, the hit was obvious on the box too. The chassis was completely bent, the aluminium side panels were off position, one of them (the one that took the hit) had a bad disformation and glass door and top cover were ok but due to chassis deformation can’t be placed, since the printer is not cube-like anymore.
I opened 2 tickets and sent one email, but no answer so far and I’m beggining to worry I’ve thrown away 1600€+.

Update, it took them 4 days to reply, but after the 1st message, the communication was pretty nirmal. Long story short, they offered all options (refund, replace, repair) so so far everything gies smooth.

Hi @ach.theophanidis,

did they offer also a partial refund / price reduction? I got also a damaged printer, technically it seems to work but the frame on the right front corner is bend a bit to the inside (space inside between top z-axis threaded rod and frame has only a few millimeter left compared to the other side which has some more space). And the front door is shuttered. Door will not lay flat on the frame and there’s a risk of further hidden damage. So nothing that can be repaired with spare parts only. I ask them for partial refund and a new door if I keep it. Any experience if this is possible?

They offered parts for replacement, full refund or the whole printer replacement. I don’t know about partial refund or price reduction.

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Thanks, they offered to return it and send a new printer.
I’m really satisfied with their support. It might take some days before they respond due to the high amount of tickets but to wait for up to 3 days is still acceptable.

Just got my X1C today, packet looked ok when I got it from the currier except for a small indent on the corner. I didn’t think anything of it because you couldn’t even tell if there was actual damage or just a small dent to the cardboard. Turns out it wasn’t just the, the top right front corner was bent. I didn’t Open the package further and started taking pictures. I think the frame is bent, but can’t say for sure without opening the package. Waiting on support to know if I should open / test to see if it works or I should just send it back as is. I’ll update here on the results of the interaction with support but based on the responses I see here, it seems that it gets resolved one way or the other.

I am sure, they will want you to open it and inspect the damage.
They will not tell you to return it on the off chance there “might” be damage.
I’d say your best bet would be to video record the unboxing.
Then if there is damage, you can send them the video and if there isn’t any significant damage you can begin your fun! ; )

Thanks, I did that and have a full video of the unboxing, unfortunately the door doesn’t close because the frame seems to be bent.
As soon as I saw that I didn’t proceed with unpacking further because turning it on might damage something if it’s misaligned. The foam protection was broken on that corner, however the glass is intact , I’m guessing if it would have fallen on the corner, the glass would be shattered, probably something heavy was placed on top.

I replied to the confirmation email of the support ticket (however I couldn’t see this ticket under support tickets in bambu account)

Will update here once I have a response from them.

That’s a real bummer. My apologies. : (
Just curious, who was the courier?
I really think some of these shipping company workers see the “Fragile & Glass” warnings on the boxes and purposely throw them around especially if they have any weight to them.

DHL , but I haven’t had problems with them before.
The corner of the package didn’t look that bad, I actually thought wasn’t a big deal as the corner was wrinkled not broken, dirty or ripped.
I previously ordered the A1 mini (for which the box looked a bit worse but that one was fine as it had a lot more styrofoam inside)

Maybe it would be an idea to offer “extra safe packing” for an extra fee and a higher delivery cost to ship it in a wooden box or wooden frame (the way a fridge or washing machine is delivered).
Personally I would pay, and would have payed for that if given the option.

I don’t believe it fell, if it would have fallen on the corner enough to dent it, the inertia forces would have most probably broken at least one of the glass panels (both intact)
Most likely something heavy enough fell on the package.

Still waiting on a reply from support. :frowning:

Mine was damaged in shipping too. Ams lid cracked and bed has no clearance with the back of the unit even after pulling it forward.

Still waiting for support.

Long story short,
I think I was just unlucky because my ticket was during the chinese new year.

The support guys answered, and asked for a full unboxing video.
I provided that and whatever initial pictures I had of the box and labels.
I did a packing video of how I put it back together, and sent the package using the label they provided.

I’m now waiting for it to arrive there, after it reaches them, they will check it and send a replacement printer. That will probably take another 1-2 weeks.

In any case, really happy with their support, it just takes a bit of patience.
Looking forward to finally print something on it :smiley:

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