Shipping updates

I am curious in anyone has gotten any updated information on shipping. I notice the “ETA” on their website has now been changed to early February whereas it was the end of January.
I just happen to work for a growing company that sells accessories for benchtop cnc routers.
We post weekly updates for our customers. It we see something is going to be shipping later than expected we immediately notify our customers. It takes minutes to shoot a bulk email out and at least keep customers updated.
Being a brand new company it would make sense to try and ease customers anxiety over their investments in your products. I spent over $1600 and would at least like a reply to my email and not the vaguely worded automatically generated response. It really doesn’t build confidence that’s emails go unanswered. With the companies I am accustomed to dealing with reaching a actually human is quick and easy. Hopefully this isn’t how everything works at Bambu Lab.


There is a huge topic for Shipping Update
I hope you can find the needed information there.

pre ordered 7th january and still nothing :frowning: no final payment update yet. Was saying end of january when i bought it , hope to receive it in the last 6 days upcoming.

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pre-ordered 17 December 2022 and still no news. :thinking: Looks like Bambulab doesn’t respect the order of the commands at all. Some from same EU store ordered their printer 1 month before me and they have already received it in the last few days.
I would love to know what is going on.

Similar here and said end of January. In the US. I sold my P1P already too in order to upgrade to an X1CC. If I get it in the next couple weeks I’ll be happy.

So, you work through Christmas with full staff, including working holidays, weekends, and major national events? People who ordered under the “End of Jan” are getting their printers.

Now orders ship mid Feb as it’s Jan 26 and that’s basically the end of Jan…

You all do realize that you essentially waited until their Holiday season to order. Like ordering Dec 22 and expecting shipments by Dec 24. China, all of China, is on holiday. So even if BL was running sweatshops 24/7, shipping out of country is still an issue.


I haven’t gotten mine yet, nor a single email update. My order says “Paid” and “Unfulfilled” and I ordered on January 19th. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get a simple update on the order after 11 days.

Due to the Chinese New Year, there was only one business day between the 19th and today. So, it really hasn’t been 11 working days for Bambu Lab. Patience young grasshopper.


My pre-order for the X1C was submitted on January 23rd when the ETA was still end of January. I realize the end of January is tomorrow, but I haven’t received the final payment email yet. The X1C combo orders have an ETA of the beginning of February. Anyone have any idea if it would be faster to cancel the pre-order and just buy the combo?

Also, I realize the holiday and COVID issues are ongoing, just seeing if there was an easy way around that.*

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I would not risk losing your place in line. I have a feeling someone screwed up big time and it will get sorted but with all things, first come… so I wouldn’t lose a spot.

I ordered on the 18th EST, so really 2 business days, plus 5 for last week (they didn’t say they were shut entirely), and today. So 8 business days.

And I know, I know, I’m trying to be patient. I’m not expecting it to be here, I was just saying an update would have been nice. Even if it was to tell me hey, we’re working as fast as we can but haven’t gotten to you yet.

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I got my payment email a few hours ago, so good call haha.

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I ordered an X1C on January 16, ETA given as “end of January” here in the U.S.

Final payment notification was emailed to me January 30, 11:38 p.m.

Payment was completed ten minutes later, but I’m not really expecting to see it until February…

It looks like they may have received a shipment of the X1Cs in the US Warehouse.

There are several comments in the BambuLabs Invoice/Shipping Megathread on Reddit from yesterday and today of people that received invoices for their X1C orders
Link to Reddit Post
1/27 was the most recent pre-order date so far of someone that received their invoice yesterday.

I ordered an X1C Combo on 1/16. I haven’t received any updates yet, but I paid in full the same day I placed the order, so I don’t expect a separate invoice e-mail now.

Paid the full invoice last night, web site confirmed the order and my credit card account was showing the charge this morning.

Just now received an email saying I abandoned the shopping cart and will I return to pay the balance? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Telephone number just says “leave a message.” Will see if my email to gets a response.

This is not a good start.

I get those too…has nothing do with your order though. So no worries there.

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You should have received a receipt via email if your payment was accepted.

That’s what I would expect. I would NOT expect my credit card to have been charged if I had not completed the purchase. Bambu has not yet responded to my queries about the status of my order.

I’m trying to be patient. Will not be happy if their error delays shipment.

I had the same issue. Just got tracking info. orderd on the 17

Email received 2/1, 3:26a.m. with UPS tracking number, so I guess all is good.

No response from my earlier voice message.

My emailed query to generated an automated acknowledgement of receipt after 2 hours from The mail mentioned staff shortages due to COVID and holidays.

They might lessen the work load if the web site did not send out false reports of incomplete orders.