Shipping Update

Hi everyone,

We want to let everyone know that all the printers that were expected to be sent before the end of October have already reached the local warehouse, and the final emails for the payment collection have been sent. In some situations, there were payment issues that generated further delays but we are working closely with people that experienced that to solve the problem ASAP.

If you are part of the green areas and you have not received the final payment email, please send us an email at sharing your Order ID so we can investigate the problem. But before you do that, please double-check your spam/junk folder in case the email was sent to the wrong inbox.

Once the final payment is collected, every order is manually reviewed then it is dispatched in the following 3 days.

Please also note that the payment requests are sent gradually, based on the pre-order queue, so we appreciate your patience in this regard. We are working hard on ensuring that every order is completed in a timely fashion, but as mentioned in our previous blog post, the shipping conditions are changing now that we are closer to the holiday season.

We also want to mention the fact that our Customer Support agents won’t be able to provide a different shipping status. We know that everyone is looking forward to getting their brand-new machine, but we’re doing our best to deliver every one of them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.
Bambu Lab Team


Just to say a massive thank you to the Bamboo team.
I ordered on the 28th October for x1cc and got final payment request today 2nd Nov.

What a great service and having a UK store was a great piece of forward thinking.

Not only are you at the cutting edge of 3d printing but also support and logistics.


You left out addressing the “Except NZ” or do we not matter down here?


When will the AMS units go on sale? Every time I ask they push it back a month and then another month.


Hm. I ordered on the 09th October from Switzerland… but current no payment request here :frowning:


Ordered Oct 10. Michigan USA haven’t received a finial payment email yet. :frowning:


I made my order 24th October but not received my final payment request. I’m in EU store


What is the forecast for people that preordered after Oct 7th?


Bambu, I ordered the X1C-C with AMS. Is there a way to get the printer first, and pay a separate fee or shipping charge for the AMS when it’s ready? The forum consensus here and on Reddit is that those who pre-ordered the X1CC with AMS are essentially put to the back of the line since those who ordered (without AMS) placed their pre-orders, received payment notifications, and have received their printers already. The common denominator with AMS pre-orders seems to be the AMS itself causing the holdup.

You guys have already impressed the world, but this seems like an easy enough thing to do. I’m sure all operations are already running at 120%, so perhaps this is just not an option, but from a buyer perspective, it seems that it would be an easy enough solution.

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The graph expires the last day of November, so technically there is no inclination to update it until then, or unless the orders are all filled by then.

I’d say we’re waiting until the middle of December, possibly after the new year.

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Agree, so i wonder when NZ is going to be sorted , I was told by Sales, mid October well thats been and gone but they are quick to sell you the spare parts and have them arrive.

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Here’s a quote from my bugging them by email:

Because the machine is too heavy to transport, we found a new logistics company and we have solved this problem. The logistics time will be longer. Thank you for your patience.

Quite how they could not know the size of their own product and account for that in the shipping from AU to NZ is quite mind boggling to me quite frankly. Did they not talk to their 3PL provider in AU to tell them what they’d be doing? They definitely knew how to charge AU$240 or so to me for shipping.

They stated end of this month (November) for them to start shipping at all to NZ in the email prior to this one after I pushed for a reason. Add to that they aren’t GST registered so shouldn’t be charging us GST either (also have that on record from them via email).


I ordered on 28.09.22 Switzerland but have not yet received a payment mail. There are people in England who ordered their printer 1 month later and already have it at home.


I’ve ordered on12th of August and still didn’t even get payment notice (GER), while a friend of mine ordered at end of October and already has it. Mine is with AMS and his in not, but nevertheless - I think people who ordered early should be presented with option to get only printer for now, and AMS when it’s available - even at an additional cost. People who have been refreshing page daily for the preorder to start, got thrown at the end of line. If I knew it’d be like this, I would order printer alone, too.
That’s just my two cents, although I imagine it might have caused more commotion than there already was, so… Hell, let’s just hope it will be worth the wait :wink:

Got my invoice this morning, yay!

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Ordered 17th August (also GER) and don’t get the invoice yet. Hopefully it’s just a question of days. :smiley:


How are the Early Nov orders doing? I’m in Canada. Hopefully just a couple days away from getting the final payment email. Can’t wait to get my hands on the machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you can give erverybody an Update…early November ist gone


Is there an updated chart from after oct 7th
As i preordered 21st oct and some around the world have received their item already

My problem at the moment is the lack of or very, very slow response to emails sent to them. The quality of support from BL (speed) , I am not to impressed right now. When I send an email and ask a question, I do expect a reply within 24 hrs. I owned a Qidi X-Plus once. Qidi had a rule to reply within latest 12 hours (workdays ofc), failing that, one had the right to claim a coupon for next order from their shop. Their service was outstanding. I know it is tough for BL in the beginning, but this is exactly the time where a new company’s wealth and standing in the market will be decided. How do people talk about you ? Think about hiring more people and get it going, please ! @BambuLab

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The question for me is the topic of your support mails. I think questions regarding shipping will be low priority, because all is said. They even request the customers to avoid mailing with questions in connection with shipping.

My experience is still good. I had a question about the engineering plate and get an answer within a view hours.