Should I keep the printer on at all times?

Just got my A1 mini setup. My first question is… should I keep it turned on all the time?

The reason I ask is that ive been turning it off between uses, and its been asking me to re-enter the wif, language details every time I turn it on (as if it doesn’t remember it)

am I doing something wrong or is it expected to be kept on at all times?

thanks for your help

It should remember the WiFi details - it’s not expected that you keep the printer powered on all the time. I suggest that you contact Bambu support about this - I have not seen other A1 Mini users report this issue.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. It seems to have remembered now (at least last time I tried). Maybe it hasn’t successfully triggered the end of that initial ‘onboarding’ sequence before :man_shrugging:

I always answer these questions the same way. Should I leave my computer on all the time……should I leave my cell phone on always……should I leave my printer on. No the answer is always No. Do you leave your car running in the driveway all night? It’s the same thing. The printer should always remember your WiFi after inputting it the first time. Good luck

Hi guys excuse me for writing this but i don’t know how to post something so I need help

You have to read and be involved on the forum for a while before they make it possible to post a new topic. Didn’t take me long. Good luck!

thank you, now i can post. please can you guys read what I wrote on the forum because i need help

Can you link the post?

Looks like it’s How to eliminate Purge - Bambu Lab A1 Series / Bambu Lab A1 mini - Bambu Lab Community Forum

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