Slightly Wrong X-Y home position

Hello everyone,

I’ve bought X1C 3-4 of weeks ago and been loving it. Last week I had some issues with layer shift after “first layer inspection” out of blue. I had removed some dust cover mods that I installed (even though they were not related to this) and re-tensioned the belts following the Bambu Lab guide. I have solved the layer shift after “first layer inspection” but now I feel like my Y home position is slightly off than what I used to have.

As you can see on the first picture, the line on the up-right is almost at the end of the plate. There is no gap between the end of plate and the line. Almost printing out of the plate.

Also when I was writing this I noticed a slight angle between 3d printed line at lower position and the 2d printed line on the plate. There is a 0.5 mm difference between the ends of the 2d printed line on the plate and 3d printed line. I believe it would be higher if the 2d printed line on the plate went all the way to the left of plate. I suspect since this line is straight X axis movement in the g-code, there might me a little bit skew. Is there any way to compensate this?

When I check the Bambu Studio or OrcaSlicer I see a little bit gap between the line and end of the plate. but I can’t check the dimension of the gap since there is no measurement tool.

You can see from the photos below that there is nothing that blocks the Y axis movement when homing. The printer is stripped down to stock there isn’t any mod right now.

I am lost at the moment. Am I overthinking that Y axis is not homing correctly or have you seen the slight shift in the y home position.

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance.

This problem usually turns out to be a bent nozzle. Maybe a result of the dust cover mods?

Rarely, the bed is loose. If you can shift it to the front or rear, push it to the rear and tighten the six mounting screws. (2 in middle back, 2 each side near the front)


That’s where mine has printed since it was new.

Simple yet clever idea. Thank you. I will try that.

This problem usually turns out to be a bent nozzle. Maybe a result of the dust cover mods?

Well I didn’t put any mods that can crash to nozzle. Mods were just dust cover of Z axis rod bearings and stepper motor. I don’t think they would cause the nozzle to bend.

Questions are I haven’t even removed the nozzle or hotend, how would it be bent? Is it prone to bending? Isn’t it stainless steel or something? I wouldn’t think that stepper motors could bend the nozzle. How can I be sure if it is bent or not and should I replace it if it is? (question bomb)

Thank you in advance.

So I shouldn’t be worried about that, should I?

As long as the nozzle isn’t bent or hitting the alignment stops in the corner, I personally wouldn’t.

Hello “ excuse me for my English translated by Google :grinning: ”, I have had exactly the same problem for a few weeks now, I have tried everything to resolve the problem without success, complete maintenance, checking the belt tensions I even change my nozzle after 171 hours of printing but the offset is still there,

I was able to see for my part, that the shift takes place at each edge of the head and its return to the purge chute, as when waiting for the verification of the 1st layer but also at each color change with AMS

Is there anyone who could help me?

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any modifications such as a PTFE tube guide installed?


Hello and thank you :grinning:, no I don’t have an installation guide, the only thing I have is dust

Dust shields around the stepper motors?

These can cause shifts


thank you I’ll take them off now and give it a try :+1:

Well the shift came from the dust covers, I removed them all and now the print is perfect, I thank you for the help you gave me, have a good evening and thank you again

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