So, how bad is the broken-door problem?

My X1 Carbon arrived today, and the front door was shattered - just a pile of glass fragments in the plastic sheet what wraps the door.

No big deal, I thought - print without a door until a warranty placement arrives. But apparently this is a pretty serious problem: door must have been shattered early in the journey, as the glass fragments have had time to crumble into small shards and dust. These are on the belts, the motor, every nook and cranny. I am not going to be able to get the glass out without a complete disassembly, and even then I am never going to be sure I can trust this printer. How do I know there’s not glass slowly chewing away at the belts? What if glass works its way into the threading of the leadscrews and causes the platform to wobble or move at a different rate?

I did a search for this on the forum, and clearly I am not the first person this has happened to. It seems like Bambu doesn’t take the problem too seriously either. Maybe they don’t realize the extent of the damage this causes?

Well, setting aside the expected griping from opening a $1300 delivery and having broken glass pour out all over the floor, I’m curious to hear how many other have had this happen, and if Bambu has started to treat this like a real problem and not just a cosmetic issue.


Well, I once accepted a deduction of $1,000 on a $4,000 house entrance door. I never ever will do this again. The impact is visually acceptable and 1000 USD sounded very tempting to me, but the frame was barely noticeably warped… A hit is a hit and guide rails are guide rails.

And the case with the house door was also the last package that I opened without a running camera. So there are no more questions about who is responsible.

Sounds like a return & replace situation to me…

Yeah, support has already contacted me and the process is initiated. They are being very prompt and reasonable, which is good to see as some earlier posts from people with this problem report the opposite.

@Hank: Yeah there’s no telling what’s wrong with the inside of this thing. I had removed the zip ties on the toolhead before realizing the full extent of the damage, and moving the toolhead along the Y axis, you can hear glass grinding. Good idea about the running camera, I usually just take stills.

I am curious what the damage was like on the other broken units. The box has two puncture marks on the front, and one of the bubble-wrap rows is punctured as well. While anything can and does happen during shipping, if someone were deliberately trying to render the machine unusable, it would look a lot like this. Either way, the only real solution is to put something solid (piece of OSB/MDF?) in front of the glass door, outside of the foam packing material.

my x1c is due to arrive today! Hoping for no glass shards! That sucks, you were probably like most of us, super excited to get started and then…ugh

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I’m really sorry about your experience. Nobody begrudges this to anyone.

Waiting again for a new delivery and then owning a good machine isn`t the worst case. As long as the glass is whole, you at least know that the machine was treated tenderly.

The worst case will by: Operating a machine which received a serious blow (without knowing it) for years and constantly looking for the error. At least, customers will be informed immediately thrugh the glas about any rough treatment by transport companys and the insurance companies can immediately can go on action since we have something how is clearly broken.

Guide rails are sensitive, how many have had problems due to deformed Z-axes? That`s difficult to see with the eye. A broken glass is a clear indication that something has gone off that no one wants and how bad the damage is? To find this out, you have to measure very precisely.


Got the x1c and I opened the box with trepidation and…
glass was intact, whew
I have no idea how widespread the issue is, but I’m sure Bambu lab is weighing the different options and determining what is best for the business

Well, for what it’s worth, I have had very bad luck with 3D printers. I may in fact be cursed. This one will make 3 for 3 that arrived with problems, though the other two were manufacturing errors, the first of which (a warped bed) was not apparent until months later when I finally learned enough about 3D printing to inspect the machine properly.

Glad it worked out for ya - waiting on support to send me a shipping label to shoot this one back to them. I’ll mention the osb/plywood idea in the support ticket.

Replacement arrived today, door intact. All in all, not too bad. The almost 3-week interval isn’t great, but I had plenty else to keep me busy - and it certainly could be a lot worse.

Congratulations, happy printing :partying_face: :tada:

Thanks. Got it all set up and am on my third print.

This thing is amazing :slight_smile:

Bambu really did a good job. And their support team really came through for me on this one

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Mine just arrived with broken door. Is their standard practice to just send out another door or a new machine? Haven’t taken it out of the packaging yet. I have already put in a ticket but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

It will probably take a day or two to get a reply. I received a replacement machine, but I had to send off the old one and they had to receive and inspect it before they sent out a new one. So it’s gonna take like three weeks from when you opened the ticket.

You should probably open the plastic bag containing the printer, and remove the top so you can look inside to ascertain how bad it is. You’ll have to tape this all back up again before you ship it but they may want to see a picture of it. I would not recommend actually removing the printer from the box as I am still finding small shards of glass on my shop floor.

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Thanks …its completely shattered

Yeah, that’s what mine looked like. When I took it out of the box, shards of glass spilled everywhere because the plastic bag got punctured as well. If you untape the top and look inside with the flashlight, you can determine pretty quickly if there is glass inside the printer or not. If the bag was not compromised, you might try going the route of having a replacement door shipped. I know Hank would advise against this, and having now used the thing a fare bit I would agree with him that waiting for a replacement unit would be best.

So, I guess in response to my original question for this thread, this is a one-unit-a-month problem? :slight_smile:

Technical support had me open it up like you said. Very very little glass inside bag caught 99% of it. They had me test it and works great. They are going to send me a replacement door. Thanks for the responses on my post.

It’s still a problem with the P1S deliveries as well, I just ordered 3 of those and one came with a shattered door, glass everywhere. Support is sending me an invoice for buying yet another new one and will reimburse me when I send back the old one (in the new order’s box)

Exactly the same has happened to me. Glass totally shattered. Glass in box side panel damaged. Spent three hours cutting myself while trying to remove it as requested by support team. Now they wont replace it till Ive sent it back even though Ive sent masses of pix. The least they could do is send a replacement and pick up mine when delivered. Their warranty offer nothing as below Australian standards. Is the glass even safety glass!

Id show you but it wont allow me to imbed pics?

It’s because you’re still classified as a “new user”. Hang out for a bit and read some threads (like this one) and you will move on to the next level which allows you to post pictures.