So, how bad is the broken-door problem?

Thanks …its completely shattered

Yeah, that’s what mine looked like. When I took it out of the box, shards of glass spilled everywhere because the plastic bag got punctured as well. If you untape the top and look inside with the flashlight, you can determine pretty quickly if there is glass inside the printer or not. If the bag was not compromised, you might try going the route of having a replacement door shipped. I know Hank would advise against this, and having now used the thing a fare bit I would agree with him that waiting for a replacement unit would be best.

So, I guess in response to my original question for this thread, this is a one-unit-a-month problem? :slight_smile:

Technical support had me open it up like you said. Very very little glass inside bag caught 99% of it. They had me test it and works great. They are going to send me a replacement door. Thanks for the responses on my post.

It’s still a problem with the P1S deliveries as well, I just ordered 3 of those and one came with a shattered door, glass everywhere. Support is sending me an invoice for buying yet another new one and will reimburse me when I send back the old one (in the new order’s box)

Exactly the same has happened to me. Glass totally shattered. Glass in box side panel damaged. Spent three hours cutting myself while trying to remove it as requested by support team. Now they wont replace it till Ive sent it back even though Ive sent masses of pix. The least they could do is send a replacement and pick up mine when delivered. Their warranty offer nothing as below Australian standards. Is the glass even safety glass!

Id show you but it wont allow me to imbed pics?

It’s because you’re still classified as a “new user”. Hang out for a bit and read some threads (like this one) and you will move on to the next level which allows you to post pictures.


Definitely not safety glass. I didn’t cut myself cleaning it up, but I have since when encountering a shard because that stuff went everywhere when I took the printer out of the box. I’m still coming across shards.

They did the same thing with me - wouldn’t send a new one until they had received and inspected the broken one. I’m pretty sure they offered the usual “buy it again and we’ll send you a refund when we get the broken one” alternative. As I understand it, these units are in pretty high demand and they clearly haven’t learned to set aside 2-3 units a month for dealing with shipping issues.

I wonder what’s happening with the returned units - do they get parted out for warranty repairs, or are they actually refurbished and resold? Seems like it would be pretty expensive to do the latter, considering the state mine was in.

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It may not be “Safety Glass”, but from all the photos I’ve seen it IS likely Tempered Glass.
Safety glass would have a laminated film adhered to the glass to prevent it from going all over the place. It usually stays together when broken but becomes a “wet noodle”.
Tempered glass shatters into very small pieces (usually 6mm or less) when broken, and is quite resilient. Tempered glass can still cut you, but is unlikely to do so. The more it is disturbed, the smaller the pieces become. Usually resistant to impact unless hit on a corner or with considerable force/concentrated point of impact.
Standard glass will break into larger pieces and is very brittle. This glass will most likely result in cuts during cleanup and have knife like edges.


You can’t see where it started to break. But of course I also took a close look at what was left of it. The glass door is firmly screwed in and then the appliance is packed. This could also be a possible fault. Perhaps there is sometimes too much tension on the glass or it hits an edge. I also know how they work in logistics. For example, pallets can fall from a few metres. You don’t see that on all the boxes afterwards. I would therefore suggest that Bambu Lab pack the door separately in polystyrene next to the printer. Installing the glass door can’t be that difficult. Or you could think of a somewhat simpler system for hanging the door. In the event of breakage, the uninformed user is expected to replace the glass door themselves. So it should be possible.

FYI i had a broken door too, as well as a little crack on a covering inside the printer in the back left. Got the door replaced and a compensation in form of a coupon. Printer is now 668h in without any issues

Mine just arrived today, but there was a clear reason for the damage with the outer box having a massive 30cmx10cm puncture that the shipping company added to my experience. :cry:

Screen shattered, hinges bent, AMS hit as well and cracked. Ticket was lodged, so I guess I’m in for a slower than normal start to my first foray into 3D printing.

Definitely the fault of a crappy shipping company. I hope BL can claim insurance on it from the shipping company and force them into better service.

I cut myself cleaning mine up, and I’m not sure I got all the tiny crystalline escapees of the plastic containment bag tracked down, even with a very aggressive vacuuming.

They did finally fully reimburse my return though, so there is a resolute end to these situations.

Same here. I cut myself while unboxing, and tiny pieces of glass are all over the place.
I doubt the use of this kind of glass complies with EC regulations, and will investigate this further.

Im lucky enough to not have any shipping issues at all, but I assume as long as the glass dosent get into components or wiring you should be fine

I suspect the door is installed and shipped with a plastic bag for a reason.


Just got mine today. Was excited to open my bundle. First issue, UPS guy said there was another package but he couldn’t find it and would be back. He never returned. I’m assuming that was the rack.

Second issue, I am bringing down the box carefully into my home studio, and I begging the exciting opening process. I hard what sounds like water. I thought maybe weird packaging material? Nope… a water of broken glass.

Super bummer but I’m not going to open anything to make it worse. I’d rather just wait for a replacement. Hopefully my replacement issuing is is as smooth as yours because I’m way too busy to deal with lackluster customer support. I’ll just file a PayPal dispute.

How’d it go? By now they should have received the return, might even have had time to get you a delivery estimate on the replacement.

Honestly? Not great.

I cleaned out all the glass which took me about 3-4 hours and when Bambu responded they said they’d get a replacement out. I told them they could just send me a replacement for the door and the scratched parts but they didn’t respond for over a week.

After no response asking for an update, I filed a dispute with PayPal. Bambu finally responded saying they’ll send me a replacement and then another email with how to return the current unit.

I don’t feel comfortable just returning this without either being sent my replacement or a clear explanation as to what they’re going to be doing as it doesn’t even seem like they read my response and send me canned responses.

Last correspondence was from me a few days ago asking if they’re sending a unit or just the glass and asking if they could send me replacement first. No response. At this point, I’m not really sure I want to work with them.

Did they send you the shipping label to return it?

If so, that and the email should suffice to demonstrate to Paypal that they owe you a machine, should they fail to ship you a replacement.

I recall the email exchanges being pretty slow. Added at least a week onto the process, then another week because they wouldn’t ship the replacement out before receiving my damaged one.