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Looks like they have a U.S. warehouse now.

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Yes you can order a new printer from within the USA. But to order parts you have to go global and that for me is in the UK. I just tried and it once again declined my card because i dont allow purchases outside of the USA. I have an alternate way of paying tho.


You’ve obviously never tried to hire quality customer service people. It’s not easy finding people with patience to deal with “frustrated” customers on top of being able to diagnose technical problems, over text media, often in a 2 second language.


I’m sitting here thinking WHY Bambu did you make me buy 2 printers from other brands? All I want is a large bed 3d printer. I got the K1 Max knowing it was not going to have anywhere near the print quality of my Bambu printers. I just ordered the Qidi X Max 3 knowing the same thing…hoping its better then the K1 Max(heated chamber is going to be useful). I think all of us are asking too much from Bambu, a little over a year after their first release and Bambu turned the market upside down…everyone is playing catch up. All these brands are are putting these performance numbers out, but have not where near the print quality. The whole eco system of Bambu from the slicer, app, makerworld, multi color, etc… I think they made the right choice by making the A1, it puts them in a spot to cater to people not willing to spend $500+ on a good quality printer…in return gaining more market share ensuring that they will be a company in the coming years. I wish they did have that big printer now so I didnt have to gamble $2000usd on other manufactures for sub Bambu print quality machines. Could you imagine in 3-5 years what will come out of Bambu’s RND deparment? To be fair I have spent more money with Bambu then I have with every other 3d printer company out there put together…I truly hope they are around in 10 years.

Did you listen to the interview with Dr. Tao by CNC Kitchen? You have your answers right there…

I’ve read too much here the last few days - but I’m now sure I was wrong. Austin Texas doesn’t play a major role - less Dell style, more Jack Ma style (building up China’s internal structure after Beijing regulated exports) and fortunately no building owners next to the UNO building NY style. Might give 10 years+ but we’ll see. Wait and get a better XXL printer which will fit into the next Bambulab generation…Communist countries have a lot on their plate and, in addition to the printer, they also have to reinvent themselves. This will need time… I think I now have a rough overview for myself and can look into other topics than 3D printing :wink:

Confirmation of the correctness of the company strategy

Damn American/European educated commies taking all my freedom dollars, Taiwan becoming a leader in semiconductor production…this is all fall out from WW2. It was China’s plan all along to dig money out of my pockets. But on a real note China’s goverment invested in a fishing town and turned it into a world leader in consumer electronics. (Shenzhen) I will do my best to support Bambu’s mission.

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I agree that they need to focus on support. The amount of products they are making, to me, means they can hire people. If not, they need to outsource to a 3rd party or maybe have it done in austin. Theyve established the chinese method of support which is the one thing holding them back at this point. You have to care about previous customers too. Otherwise they arent repeat customers.

@maruccimike60 They definately got handed a good start on production growth and education. Lets hope they use the power wisely so we dont end up with a ww3. Communism is becoming sexy again.

Bambu is struggling to make a 250mm bed flat, what makes you think they will be able to make a bigger one reliably?
Bambu “made” you buy a bigger printer but you are already expecting they won’t be able to match the quality (lol) of a Bambu printer. Your statements make no sense.

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Im guessing because he needed a larger bed and Bambu didnt make one yet. Just a guess.

I’m guessing either you got a bad unit or don’t own a Bambu printer.

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Had to think of you today. Like you :wink:

On one of my Ender S1 Pro was standard maintenance today - unclip the cable on the exdruder units top, loosen 4 easily accessible screws on the side, put in a new exdruder head for 45 USD (with a new auto level, new fan, new nozzle etc… everything replaced in 15 seconds). z offest adjust and after 60 seconds off to the next 1000 hours. “At least how it felt to me” **. The whole thing is in a against fire protected corner. So just in case, they can burn down the relaxed way…

** With the lightning thought of the X1C purchasing - we’ll see. So far I’m very happy with Bambulab. To quickly screw on a complete print head without having to fiddle with it is nice - Just changing the nozzle quickly as on the A1 isn’t enough for me… That was just a very small step in the right direction.

Google trends search for beginner printer - hardly worth mentioning nothing.

Semi Pro 3D Printer YouTube videos on non-3D printer Semi-professional and professional channels with people with crafting experience overtaking quickly or not?

Shortage of skilled workers, covid pandemic, Ukraine war, Chinese heat wave with lower production this year, Companies that prefer to sell new and disconnect the spare parts or charge a lot for spare parts… all supply chain shortages. I think the semi-professional X1C came at exactly the right moment.

We’ll see about it with the A1. It’s just my view of things and it doesn’t always have to be right.

Bed plates sag, a lot of people are right about that, but what the heck - it’s still for plastic parts… And if it comes to that, I’ll quickly do a cross-cut on the printout. With a hand file, 3 or 4 moves and you’re done…

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I printed a single color Halloween bowl that looks like a skull, for the wifey recently. On a cr10s pro v2 (modded with a stealthyswiss setup) that took 6 days lol. Its crazy how fast we adjust to new tech. The cr10 felt so slow. Ill probably always keep stuff like that around to tinker on/mod though. Theyre like the old school nokia phones that had a million accessories. Im also hoping the voron team has something in store for us.

Anyway, Today im printing a 4 Color college football helmet for a coworker. Takes up the whole bed kn the x1c and should be a 4 to 6 day print whenever ut finishes splicing. Spliced it on a laptop instead of the pc. wasnt thinking.
Edit: Got the bambu print down to 3 days by adjusting purge and speed a bit
Almost forgot to say that the print failed on day 4.5. Some support for the cheak bone failed on day 1. Nastalgia I guess lol

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Hi StreetSports,

So everyone lives in his world - I like what you’re doing :grinning:

I have a colleague who has his P1P for 40 days. It`s still in the box and he still do not get the time for unboxing. Every time he says how much he would like to unpack it and how he is looking forward to it… :wink: I also know some (more than one) who would love to order one, are also good at CAD - have craftsmanship experience… but clearly say they don’t have time for anything new.

I downloaded 3 parts using Yaggi search. The collection container for the X1C, the plate holder for the X1C and flillament clips. That’s it.

This is version 2 + 3 of my wife’s new kitchenware, she would like to modify the handle even more, so it can be swiveled in more variations…

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Which filament clips did you pick? And do you like them? Im tried a couple but theyre a pain to pur on and take off.

I like that scoop design. Very elegant, simple and effective. The extra thumb hump and pinky hold are smart.

Hi Streesport,

Usually print them out TPU Shore 58D (or to finish a role of GreenTec Pro because it is expensive fillament).

So it`s not only all about the right desing, it is also up to the right matirial and not all about color :wink:

I use something like this but I`m not sure if it exactly the same:

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I may give that filament clip a try, so far all have been less convenient than a piece of blue tape…

Yikes! I don’t think I could print anything that takes longer than overnight. I’d have total withdrawal and anxiety issues the following days not being able to send the next small print… I know, that’s why people get multiple printers…

Hank, I was also in the category of “I don’t have time to get into 3D printing now” for the past 5 years. And in hindsight, I was right! Having lots of fun now, X1C is my first 3D printer. Have not had any issues but I can see how someone who is not very mechanically inclined can run into trouble easily. When I read what people say about their experience with other printers I’m so happy with my choice! (I didn’t want the 3D printer to turn into a project.)

WRT support, I have the feeling that there are fewer upset posts in the forum, so either Bambu has managed to improve or people read the old messages and are resigned and don’t post new ones. (Not saying it’s all roses, just better.)


Well my Qidi X-Max 3 came, its huge…heavy, and prints very well…I must have gotten a bad K1 Max. The print quality of the Qidi is what I was expecting from the K1 Max. I must have gotten a bad unit from Creality…I have only printed PLA with the Qidi. About 7 hours thus far but there is 0 ringing/ghosting, the prints are dimensional accurate, and very little VFA so far. Next Im going to put that heated chamber to work, I should have gotten this Qidi over the K1 Max…now Im stuck with the K1.

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I have one too! So far its doing ok.

I said i would not buy another creality product. I wanted a big corexy printer and Qidi has delivered for me. It replaced a well modded CR10S. And i sold my MK3S+ one week after getting my X1CC.