Spool moving and getting stuck

I’m having an issue where as filament is being extracted, the spool itself begins to move and then becomes stuck. I then get a message saying the AMS assist motor is overloaded and printing stops. Here’s a sped up GIF of this happening. Note that the spool looks slightly angled already when the GIF starts, but that’s just because I started recording a bit late.


This seems to happen only when the filament is getting to one side of the spool (you can see it reaching the left side here). Once it happens for a spool, it’s almost 100% reproducible every time it gets to that side of the spool again. I’ve observed this only on Elegoo PLA spools so far, and only on slots 3 and 4, but that’s mainly because I haven’t tested the other slots as much.

The filament is new, there are no tangles/crossings in the filament.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any ideas on how to solve it?


OVERTURE Bambu Lab AMS Cardboard Spool Adapter Ring by DesignCraft - MakerWorld

Bambu Lab AMS Helper Remixed by papsjundi - MakerWorld

PS don’t let it do that, that much, the teeth are plastic and things can flex it hasn’t broken but its tolerances aren’t the same before that happened to me

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Just an update, I used the first project you suggested, and while it occasionally looks like the motors are struggling a bit, I have not had any more jams. Thanks!