Spools not keeping up with retraction

I have had this issue from day one on my AMS (which is now a month old) I only use plastic spools and many of them are made by Bambu. It seems as if the spool does not always seem to spin fast enough. I have also noticed that the rubber on the front rollers on all bays are not perfectly round and have a 1-2mm variance when rotating causing the spools to ‘jiggle’, I am not sure if this is by design to force the spool to wind across it’s width instead of just the centre.

I have thought of cleaning the rollers but not sure what is best to use, I would normally try isopropyl but not sure how the rubber would react.

In the videos, even though it seemed loose at one point, by the end it was all rolled up alright. Does it always work out in then end or do you sometimes have loose filamant after it is done rolling?

It mostly ends up wound at the end, however as it flops around loosely I have had occasions where it tightens up outside the spool edge and jams the AMS

I have this same issue also. I does it when there isn’t much left on the spool. It seems like the spool isn’t heavy enough for the rollers to spin the spool.

I have doing some investigations with Bambu support and it does appear the problem may be down to one or two fault feeders. As slots 2 & 3 are having the issue but slot 1 and maybe slot 4 are not. Swapping the feeder from slot 1 to slot 3 moved the problem.

I have read that some people print a container that goes in the middle of the spool with some weight inside to hold the spool down. There are loads of such models online. It doesn’t solve the eccentric roller issue though.