Strange bend(uplift) result at the first layers

I am using PLA. I did a print of two identical objects in single print. When I compared them afterwards I found that one of the objects has a strange bend(uplift) on it first layers corner. Any idea what could be the reason for this ?

Was the one with the lifting corner near the edge of the heat bed?

That’s warping. There are plenty of threads here such as for example: Good bed adhesion, but PLA warping build plate - Bambu Lab X1 Series / Troubleshooting - Bambu Lab Community Forum.

Not so common with PLA but it does happen.



One of the corners which is uplifted is close to the edge but the other one is not.


Thanks for the references, I will have a look

I believe the bed is NOT uniformly heated. My suggestion is to set the bed temp +5 deg and only print 1 object at a time.

I’ve had lifting on prints that are closer to my fan that’s identical, but since these aren’t next to the fan, I think this is the most likely answer.

OP, was the door open? if so, that could have been it as well.

Hi, no, the door was closed

If you are printing with PLA you should have the door or lid open to let put the extra heat or you could experience warping like you are seeing.

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I regularly had warping near the fan. Rather than tinker with G code or trying to remember to turn it down, I used blue painters tape to make a deflector that directs the air flow down so that it goes mostly under the build plate for at least 1/4" or more of layer height. No more warping on that side.
I never run with the door open and leave the top in place but then I live in the PNW and it’s not usually super warm in the printer room.

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