Sudden X1C Print Quality Issues

Thanks. I’m overdue for an update. I’ve been back and forth with support doing different tests they’ve provided. I feel no certainty there’s any solution yet.

I’m awaiting a reply on a discovery I made today that leads me to believe there’s a slicer or firmware issue causing these problems. I’m using BS Version

I printed our rock solid, near flawless PETG print of our Dust Boot last night that’s been on the X1C SD card since May 25, 2023. It’s been printed over a hundred times with basically flawless results. I haven’t tried this since the issues started as I had made a change to the part in CAD and had to reslice it which is where all my issues began Oct 16, 2023.

I do not remember all the settings for the May 25 slice but it was not challenging to get right, I remember (and why all these issues feel like insanity).

Compared in the image below is a slowed down 9mm/s volumetric flowrate, increased infill ~7%, and slowed print speeds in the last few days. Same filament for all three parts and no changes to the machine.

Prusament PETG Red