Sunlu PLA+ how do I tweak the corners

Hello bambu fans and filament professionals

I have the following problem with my P1P.

When I print with the original Bambu filament, my corners look perfect. Likewise with some filaments from other manufacturers.

Now I would like to use Sunlu PLA+ because a certain color suits perfectly for me. I got a test roll in black from a friend. I can’t get the print result to fit my needs. The k-factor as well as the flow are perfectly calibrated with the filament. The layers close and the top layers surface is perfect too. Unfortunately, the corners are always pulled outwards by around 0.1mm.

Which parameter can I adjust, or how can I tweak the corners?

“Perfectly calibrated”? Are you willing to bet money on that? :wink:

Have you tried the Ellis pattern calibration pattern method? I ask because that is exactly the sort of thing it calibrates for, sharp corners.

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possibly :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks for the fast response.

First I did the line test which showed the best result at 0.01.
Then the pattern test, which was 0.02.
I chose the middle path (0.015) because there both tests had good results. The line test already had a small blob at 0.2

Should I generally tweak with the pattern test?

If you’ve done all that, then you may be at the limit of the filament. The only other option is to play with speed. The simplest method after you send it to the printer, go in and set the printer to 50% quite mode which will slow down all movements. If that works, then you can go into the speed settings in the slicer and experiment by cutting down the outer wall. Also, don’t overlook the printer sequence option as that often can affect the corners. The default is inner/outer. My preference since I tend to print mostly for precision, is to use outer/inner.


Thousand thanks for the tip.
I will try the sequence outer/inner next.

@Olias Thanks again for the suggestion with the sequence. So I was able to get the problem under control. However, me and Sunlu will no longer be best friends :sweat_smile:

Right-on brother!!! :joy:

What are your speeds? Sunlu claims it’s PA+ is a high speed filament, but if you dig into it, the max speed listed is only 100

Speed-shmeed!!! I keep seeing these claims on the side of filament spools. Can anyone… and I mean ANY ONE!!! Point to actual laboratory data that follows any generally accepted testing standard that can prove such claims? I have a real hard-on against elements in this industry that make any claim any time, and nobody calls them out for false advertising.

The one guy who has tried to wrap some science around filament performance is Steffan at CNC kitchen. But sighhhh… he’s now been bought and paid for after his last trip to FromNext 2023 in Frankfurt, was “literally paid for” by one of the printer makers. Talk about conflict of interest.