Support Ticket response time

Hello I have a Problem with my Printer, which after my third print no longer works.I have written to Technical support but so far no response support ticket was created on 16.04.23.
Share my error with you here maybe one can help me.

during a printing process the printer simply stopped and no longer responded, I sat in front of the printer and at the moment where it happened I heard a slight click noise the fans stopped the led went out and the display showed at the nozzle and the print bed 0 degrees, the operation of all axes was not possible via the display it has no longer responded, I have restarted the printer nothing, self-test was canceled, then I did a factory reset but could not connect the printer to the cell phone for the app.
have looked at the boars but could not see anything

according to wiki, i assume that the mc board is defective because no more axes can be controlled

Might maybe have been a fuse if you heard some clicking noise. Support will take a couple of days to respond, but they will get back to you.

I am not impressed by the support ticket response time. My LCD isn’t working out of the box, and have not received any response from support. I also ordered the camera and LED light a couple weeks ago, but no shipping information from Bambu Labs, and no response from customer service.

small update still no response from support but I have found the error the mc board is defect

Not the kind of fuse I meant, but that surely burned through good. Will require a new board it seems.

And what happened to the CPU? It also looks a bit strange with the “coating?” not fully covering it. And wow, that is really a low power CPU with only 200mhz.

hello small update the support has contacted me on friday and my spare part will be delivered tomorrow


the worst support in the world, they are driving me crazy, I am now filing a complaint, after they made me pay the deposit or to collect the other printer and in the meantime send me another one, they have disappeared for 4 days now, and either I have paid 1000 euros and I no longer know where my money went, they are scammers guys don’t buy bambulab printers not so much for the hardware but if you have problems with the printer there is no support, trust me at this moment I am depressed and I feel helpless and my only option is to file a complaint with PayPal to get my money back because the support is no longer available, it seems dead and I’m worried about my money……;

it is true, the worst ever seen, we buy cheaper printers in other brands and are more quick to solve the problems. i have two tickets open long time without response. i have my printer stooped wainting for a solution. it is ridiculous.