Textured Build plate experience

I’m not saying that YOUR Bambu textured PEI plate is defective, but MINE definitely is, and the OP’s may be too. Stop licking the boots and get real.

LMFAO ok yeah

Since you’ve determined that it’s defective, send it back to exchange it for one that works properly. Or get a refund and buy some third party plate if you no longer like the brand.

It was just now proven on a different thread (Bad quality when printing PETG - #66 by NeverDie) that too much lighting (or maybe the wrong kind of lighting) can interfere with print quality on the textured PEI plate.

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I have third party plates. Energetic textured and smooth print with without ever needing glue, as well as just sticking a Creality and Elegoo 235mm textured plate on the printer. So it’s funny that only Bambu’s textured plate cannot print without glue.

THE POINT is that OP asked:

and I have, so I shared that experience. Then everyone starts in that maybe I’m just dumb and don’t know how to clean a plate or apply a steel plate to a magnetic bed properly or other nonsense.

And the funny part is that the seventh.foo has only ever made that one post and hasn’t been back since. :rofl:

Super funny, like the funniest thing ever probably

Heh, I’m here, and have read all the replies…not really sure what to say. Didnt mean to start any arguments, that is for sure. Was just curious if anyone else was struggling with the textured plate. And to clarify, the original smooth plate that came with my X1C, I dont think I ever had a failed print or adhesion problem with it that I can recall.

I do regret I didn’t add more info to my original post, like I have sliced with the proper plate selected, experimented with bed temps, and tried multiple filaments. Also cleaned my textured plate multiple ways.

Thanks to everyone that offered help and options in this thread, I appreciate it.



scrubbing the living F out of it with #3 coarse steel wool seems to have helped, where magic eraser, dish soap, IPA, etc never made any difference with bed adhesion. Light scuffing made no difference. I scrubbed it, hard, until the plate has a dull dark grey finish to it instead of a shiny black finish. Then cleaned and tested. With both small pieces and large thin pieces I had good adhesion now.

Not something that should ever need to be done.

agreed, but that trick has been around for both textured and smooth PEI since PEI made its first appearance on 3d printer beds. I even did it to cure the old creality black glass surface. Should the factory do it? idk. I guess I got lucky, but I only used textured for polymaker PLA+ so far and it has been a dream.

Spritz sponge with water before application to plate?

I print only textured pei works perfekt!! Pla / petg/abs/asa :+1:t2:

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The textured plate is the only plate I use (mostly printing PLA). It’s great. I clean the plate with methylated spirit. Build plate temperature 55 degC. Mostly using eSun PLA(+).

i bought all plates for my x1c i loved the PEI Plate on my p1p but on the x1c it sucks all print get loose and do not stick on the plate. why that ??? any help ? on my p1p it was no problem printing on the pei plate.

When I notice the adhesion isn’t what I on my dusl sided textured plate I’ll wash it with dish soap then rinse it with straight hot water

After that I use a lint free paper towel to dry it off

Lastly I’ll spritz it with isopropyl and once again wipe it down with lint free paper towel

It is very important with these textured plates to be sure whatever you’re using to wipe it with doesn’t leave anything on the plate especially lint from the towel you use to wipe it with

I have had my share of prints not adhering to the textured plate and my other plate but that was 100% on me and not the plate or the printers fault


Just to add to the pot, the BL P1P textured build plate in my X1CC worked a lot better straight away after washing and drying it, but every now and again it plays up, which is probably a LIDAR issue or could be ASA or PETG residues. I’ve ordered some Energetic dual surface PEI plates, which have always given good results on my other printers.


I have used the Bambu Texture PEI plate and I like it. I just can’t get use to using glue.
I have only gotten a hand full of successful prints done but all were single color prints with the Textured plate.
I wipe it down with 91% IPA before and after a print when the bed is cooled.
I use the 55* temp for the bed and I was printing with Hatchbox PLA at 210*

I do need to fine a smooth sheet that doesnt use glue though.

A smooth sheet you can get from Aliexpress, brand Energetic. I have that plate here. It does work well. Also I have received two days agpo a PEI plate with liight textue from Ali, brand Super3D. ALso good results.

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I have the high temperature plate from Bambu coming. That’s a smooth PEI sheet. I hear good things about it on this forum.

I literally just put a fresh cool plate decal on mine and did a test run with the 24 minute benchy

No glue, perfect just like the very first one

Obviously my printer was not negatively affected by the new firmware but clearly others are

This is a strange issue indeed :thinking:

A quick update, I didn’t get the Energetic build plate for the Bambu in the end, just some cheaper Super3D brand dual textured PEI ones, which didn’t come with identification stickers. I washed and dried them, and they seemed alright at first, but after about ten uses I’m getting a build plate height error and they are visibly warped when cold. I’m just flow calibrating some non Bambu filament using the SoftFever fork, and I’m getting adhesion issues leading to spaghetti. I flipped the surface after cleaning and got less, but I’m not sure these are the best option based on my experiences so far. I’m using PrimaSelect PETG at the usual bed temps I have done in the past.