The woes or printer profile ratings

Ahh, these ratings sometimes, hahaha. Not sure if this person actually liked it or not.

Happy Friday ya’ll


I’ve gotten a couple of those in the past week. It’s really confusing because they say stuff like “printed perfect!” Or “I love these!” But then they go and give 3 stars. I try to comment and ask them if they had any issues but I never get any responses.


it might be this “To give a 4-5 star rating, at least one successful print record of this print profile is required”

@sharcrypto it’s possible, but some of them even have completed print pictures. Either this is a new wave of “‘nothing is perfect” people that give things 3 stars or people who just don’t know how to use the rating. I wonder if it defaults to 3 stars if you don’t make a star selection :thinking:

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i know that is possible because i saw a model with that on. but my account has never got that

It made me laugh more than anything, considering some of the talks we’ve had on here about profile reviews and the star rating. Especially getting like 2-3 star reviews with one word reviews. Luckily this didn’t affect the overall rating all that much.


i used to get 1 to 3 star most of the time it got better after the update

It’s always nerve racking waiting for that first star review to come in. One of my objects has only one 3 star review, which sucks! No words as to why it’s only 3. I keep hoping someone comes along and gives another review.

I know some peeps report the questionable reviews, but I’ve been a bit more hands off.


I had one of those. The guy gave me 3star and when queried he said “the print was good but for some reason it didn’t complete”. Makes me wonder if they think through their actions, he could simply done a comment at the bottom and not the “rate”. Meh…

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Communication is easy and also gives others a good impression to rate accordingly. It also is a great way to improve the feedback, prompting the user to share ideas can be handy for updating or the next version.

I talk to people and ask them about their low ratings, when given. I’ve gotten various levels of response. Started a couple of great conversations that way. When I say being hands off, I meant more so that I don’t try and police the ratings and get low ones removed. I know some do. Someone once said that it evens out, and if it’s good design/profile, the ratings will overall reflect that, which I can agree with.

I do like the feedback on the ratings though, and I do like when people share their experiences, regardless of the ratings. It has helped with my designs and with how I setup print profiles!


like this @Josh-3D

Maybe the user was scared of skeletons, so while it was a 5 star print, it was a point off for scaryness? :stuck_out_tongue:


I hit a new milestone today! :partying_face: Got my first 2 star review for “it doesn’t work”. At least they were kind enough to share a pic of the failed print along with some filament spaghetti in the background.

I’ll let this one slide even though I’m sure they were using a dusty bed covered in fingerprints. :upside_down_face:

I think mine wins - it has a photo of a perfect print…


This comes close

I guess there’s some ambiguity between model rating and profile rating that people get confused about, also. for a lot of users its probably hard to rate a profile on a scale, like, do you have enough experience to tell the difference between certain tweaks that has been done to improve the profile and whether there’s other tweaks that can be done to improve it or not… also the subjective side. people might prefer it a certain way yadda yadda.

hows mine

at least you get readable text. most of my latest have just been people smashing their keyboard, or submitting images of stuff that isn’t my model, or sometimes both. lol


i have never seen that before