Tomorrow, we confess

Tomorrow, we confess. Stay tuned for the announcement of Bambu Lab’s new member. Bambu Lab | Unleash Your Creativity with Bambu Lab 3D Printers - Bambu Lab

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Definitely a bed-slinger, IMO


  • No more Bed-Slingers!

Lol doesn’t matter I am still excited. Maybe it a bed rotate-er? :rofl:


That looks too much like a bed slinger. I mean, it could make sense if it is better from a market share point of view, if this would be below the P1P.
Let’s hope that we at least get some of the teases then for the X1C / P1-Series, at least quieter printing would be good!

Zefix ein Bettschubser. Wäre schon bereit gewesen meinen x1c zu verkaufen

First impression from the picture was that it was a polar printer but it doesn’t seem to have enough cantilever over the bed. Perhaps the picture is taken from an angle that obscures the cantilever? Doing a little playing with the contrast shows more in that image. Sure looks like a bed slinger with something that might look like lidar on the bottom?


Small bed spinner for makerworld. Pic shows a single upright. Prusa mini/M5c competition

Ill admit im new to 3d printing but sure seems like a bed slinger, especially with them saying “Tomorrow we confess” Like theyve sinned. Gone against what they said about not doing any bed slingers. I wish it would hurry up because Im putting off a purchase from them until I see wth this thing is :smiley:

If that’s a bed slinger, I’m out.

Well, I’ll surely keep my two X1CC and one P1P/S, but I’ll never ever again will buy a bed slinger.

Not even from Bambu Lab.

I’d buy a Core XY IDEX from you on the spot to replace both my J1 and Creator 3.

Even a Core XY Mixer, but no bed slinger, never.

That’s a bit frank of you…



If these are two new printers, it will be like unpacking presents at Christmas over 40 - opening the package and receive a self-knitted sweater. Hold your loved ones in your arms and be happy that you have them… and buy the cool gifts three days later at yourself :innocent:

I like Bambulab but the joke just had to come out… I also like BL if there are just two printers and no new toys for me showing up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wonder what the chances of the new printers being CoreXZ à la Voron Switchwire? Would that appease the CoreXY ride or die crowd?


I can see two with my old eyes… Hotends that is

Imo looks like a tool changer, the nozzle above that lower block (prob to prvent oozing).

Just going to assume this is a cad render with the chassis housing removed.

Images just leaked on the Facebook page for the A1. Bed slinger and a new AMS unit.

Bedslingers aren’t very good, IMO. The mechanics are less complicated, but their speed is limited and a function of what you’re printing (taller prints get whipped around by fast bedslingning). This machine looks to target the low end of the market segment. You don’t get a zippy-fast printer, but you do get multicolor for the cost of a comparable printer from another company. So BBL is probably thinking they’ll bust the paradigm again, here, with low cost color instead of speed. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive machine, and you can get one that does multi color for a little more than one that doesn’t, the decision is going to be easy.

On the FB page, the picture shows an engineering plate labelled PLA/ABS/PETG. But with your filament “swinging in the breeze” (the new AMS does not enclose the spools), and no enclosure to keep the print-in-process toasty warm, ABS and PETG aren’t going to be very easy for a beginner to print. Sure, it’ll get hot enough. But there’s more to it than that. A lot.

It also shows all four filaments feeding to the print head. The “selection” is made there, not at the AMS. I am most curious about the mechanism. How do they mix filament in the nozzle? Is there purge? If not, how do they guarantee a “pure” color change shows up at the nozzle outlet when the printer wants it to? So while the printer itself doesn’t excite me much, I am interested in the printhead. If it works better than the AMS system does, will my X1C get a similar printhead upgrade sometime in the future? Probably not, but maybe…

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Maybe a lasers engraver or cutter???

The thing I have been thinking is I wonder how true these pics are. I am wondering if Bambu wants everyone to think one thing (picture wise, I believe it is multicolor etc.) But I am just wondering about the pic
and they present another.

That is what I want it to be, a laser addon, but that would be too (r)evolutionary.

Engraving would be awesome. Beyond next level would be the ability to laser out layer lines as part of the print process.