Tomorrow, we confess

I posted pictures of it in the quick swap revolution thread. Nevermind. I think it got taken down.

“Shhh…Fast 3d printing is ongoing”…We shouldnt be complaining. We should be happy about the innovation lol. The cutter, if thats whatbit is, seems high. It has me wondering if it just retracts at color change instead of cutting. And maybe only cuts when unloaded. Would be the smart way to do it. Or it just poops on the ground like a puppy

is it real??

LOL, It would take way too much work for that to be fake.

on the same site X1E

not what I expected

true… shitty
not what I expected

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Lmao. I love making predictions, seeing others response and then enjoying the outcome. If that is the new x1, bet it has a heated chamber, real filtration and built in poop bucket. Will probably do all filament types without issue, make the x1c feel like a p1p does now and cost $2,000. I’d buy one, but I would alsobfeel like I bought a 1080p tv 2 months before 4k came out.

Theyll probably take down those pics soon. Ghey took mine down pretty quick

Edit: Or not. Must just not have liked mine.

A1 as printer is real (but phaserfpv product page is made from real unfortunate leaks and a few guesses).

X1E image doesn’t look real but more like AI generated image (no point in two LCDs; rods ending nowhere; handle in weird place etc). Note X1E as product exists but not like on this photo IMO.

That phaserfpv site is rubbish anyway. They gather random stuff from internet pretending to do real product page.

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that sounds right. We’ll know more today at 3 a.m

The A1 already leaked out…

Is it a (YouTube) Livestream or press release?

Source: X (Twitter)

Looks like Jonathan screwed up his relationsip with Bambulab

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It’s official

first review online - german only

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Was hoping for a larger bed X1C…Just placed my order for k1 SORRY BAMBU

This looks awesome! I so hope this is coming …

I still have my 5 head Prusa XL on “pre-order”, but if the X1E comes out, I’ll will finally have to pull the trigger and cancel my pre-order.


So ordered hope its comes fast. Jes im fanboy

So do I on the prusa XL 5 head, the K1 will hold me over till we get shipping notices :slight_smile:

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