Tube is loose on the right side of filament buffer

Hey, I’m struggling a lot just hooking the AMS up. Most everything seemed to go ok except trying to just connect the PTFE tube to the right side of the filament buffer. Left side (AMS side) fit in tight.

I push the tube in and it doesn’t seem to fit tightly into anything. It just sits loosely behind the spring so it’s not connected.

Any thoughts?


Just for clarity, #1 is the part you have having issues connecting?

As shown in the picture it needs to go about half way into the buffer.

Yeah, the tube goes behind the spring but then stays loose.

When you pull the PTFE tube does it move the black part inside the buffer and compress the spring and once compressed does it not allow the PTFE tube to come out? If so that is how it should be and it’s operating as intended.

Here is a picture of the AMS buffer internals.

See the black connector inside the spring, to the left of the gray spring holder (red arrow)? This is where the PTFE tube attaches to. This part moves back and forth with the PTFE tube as shown with the red line.

I slid the spring over so you can see the opening…seems a bit bigger than the PTFE so its not grabbing.

It just flops around in the opening.

Unfortunately it seems you need to make a customer service ticket as you correctly identified that the buffer is not grabbing the PTFE tube.

Here is the link the wiki article with more pictures and info if you want to further disassemble the buffer.


Well, thanks for the help and input anyway.

First time doing a ticket…how’s the response time usually?

I’d be lying if I said it was quick… But if you attached the pictures you took and link this thread it might really help to speed up the process.


Thanks again for the help…


Every time I bought an AMS, it came with a filament buffer. Plus, the one I took off to replace with a 4-in-1 buffer makes four. If you were closer, I’d certainly be happy to give you one.

If they’re in stock in the store, I’d just order one instead of making a ticket. It will most likely get to you sooner than a warranty replacement. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

UPDATE: I removed the buffer and noticed that the connector that should push in easily was really stuck (unlike the AMS-side connector). Freed it and it grabbed like it should.

Thanks for all the suggestions…this is a great community.