Unable to find my published print in new uploads section- and more

After publishing my prints I am unable to find them in the “new uploads” section of the main page of new uploads prints as well as the specific category that the print is published in. I can find it if manually searched, but it is not showing in the new uploads section which makes me think that others are not seeing it at well. Is this a bug? If not, I think it is unfair for my prints not to be seen by others after it is newly published. Thanks for your help. I have attached 3 photos. The new uploads section (1), the new uploads section of 2d art - other models (2), and the specific search term “ninja” then sorted by new uploads (3) then you can finally find my published print. Why is it not showing up in the other pages?

After looking some more, my prints have also seemed to disappear from other pages as well. contest pages, as well as the trending pages in the “festivities” category. Just a couple of days ago I had 8-10 prints showing in the trending pages as well as 5 in the easter contest page. Now I cannot see them on any pages.

Just because the models were trending a couple of days ago doesn’t guarantee they’re still trending now.

The sorting of new uploads is plagued by a significant issue stemming from the influx of spam uploads by point farmers. Consequently, your models are quickly pushed down the ranks, often within just 1-2 minutes of appearing on the first page.

Is the ‘join contest’ button disabled? Indicating that you reached the max. number of entries?

I would submit a support ticket for this issue. The only plausible explanations I can think of are that either someone reported the entries and they’re currently under review, or there’s a bug in the system. Upon reviewing your portfolio, I don’t see anything suspicious.

Include the links to the models you entered and keep us updated on any developments.


I’m seeing the ninja print you just uploaded in new uploads.

Serious question: Is this forum thread just a way to promote your models?


I have the same problem with my models and already opened a ticket. They say I should put more text and more real photos to my models to show up in the new uploads feed.

"The models in the “New Uploads” section are selected by the system based on factors such as images and descriptions.

Therefore, we kindly request you upload more physical images as covers and enrich your model description."

I will not do so because I am neiter a writer nor a photographer but a 3d modeler and this is no a literature nor a photoshop platform/forum. It is dedicated to 3d models and this should count at first.

I think it is really unfair to not even show the models in the new uploads stream. And if I check some models in this stream I find dozens of models without even one real photo and completely without text. I can not understand the argumentation from makerworld.


It’s not dedicated to just any 3D models though, it’s dedicated to 3D models made for 3D printing. There are plenty of wonderful 3D models that are well made but not designed to be 3D printed at all and MakerWorld isn’t the place for that. The request for physical images is because renders of 3D models do not equate to how well the final printed result will be.

No one’s asking you to be a writer or a photographer, but if you want your models to be featured/seen more, then you’ll have to take steps to show more about them, at least with printed pictures.

Your model page has nice models; I’d bet the request for more pictures would be fulfilled if you put your printed pictures as the first image, instead of renders

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All of my models are 3d printable and designed for this.
All of my models have real world pictures and most of them proven print profiles also with real world pictures.

But real world pictures often lack of clearness what the model is about. The rendered ones can have exploded views and also cut views which make clear in a sudden what it is like. The rendered pictures are superior to explain the function.

There is a reason why good user manuals of technical products use illustrations or rendered pictures to concentrate to the essentials. I cannot see any advantage using real world pictures special as a cover picture.

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I usually avoid objects that have just a render for their main image. I have no idea if there’s images within that are of the actual print. That first impression sways me often enough to keep moving along. Makerworld isn’t just a model repository. It’s a store and you’re putting your product on the shelf.

Some people put a nice presentation with their render, but there’s still an impression that hits me with it, no matter how much of a scene someone sets up or not.

You know, you’re right, renders are used a lot in technical drawings and the such because it’s clearer for that function. However, we’re talking about product shots, the first thing people see, and it has to convey a lot more.

I hate seeing rendered images for product shots. I hate that on like amazon. I usually go dig around in the reviews to see what the product actually looks like. Like I don’t care how pretty you can make it look in your render engine. I want to see it in the real world, how it fits and functions in the real world.


Right, it’s very easy to say you design for 3D printing, however if you go through the new uploads on Printables, MakerWorld, or any other 3D print model sites you’ll see lots of people uploading objectively bad 3D ‘printable’ models. They, like you, often just upload renders. Your models could be well designed for 3D printing, but it’s not immediately obvious with a render.

Regardless, MakerWorld laid out their guidelines/rules and if you don’t want to follow them, then MakerWorld doesn’t owe it to you to do anything, much less feature your models.


Makerworld is nothing without makers who create 3d models to print (like me). So they owe us a lot.

With a little experience in 3d printing you can see at a glance at a clear rendered picture of a model if it is designed properly for 3d printing.

Looking at the real world pictures in the stream I often do not even catch what the model in the messy picture is or what it is about. To find out I have to investigate further in the description or take a look at the 3d view to find out that this does not meet my requirements. That is annoying.

I think a real world picture as a cover picture to present a 3d model is often not helpful at all and so this policy makes no sense to me. There are models which are best presented with a real world picture and also models which are better presented with a rendered picture. The designer shall decide which is the best to present the work.

By the way, the Amazon comparison is not helpful at all. Makerworld is not a selling platform for consumer products. It is a platform for makers who produce the products by themselves. And therefore the requirements of presentation are pretty different.

There tons and tons of models in the “new uploads” stream which do not fit the requirements at all of having a real world picture and a proper description. I even found lots of entries even without a 3d model.

If they publish this obvious spam with ease why not publish proven 3d models with real world pictures (not as cover), short description and a proven print profile with a real world picture of the Bambu Lab printer printed product.

I have been at the youmagine platform before with a fraction of these models and “only” rendered pictures. There were > 12,000 downloads on this platform (models now inactive to concentrate on Makerworld).

Switching to Makerworld I redesigned and improved these models sometimes even from scratch. These models were developed over many years and improved continuously in printability and function.

For the Makerworld publishings I developed print profiles on the Bambu Lab printer and took new real world pictures. Will say I put a decent amount of work and material in it to publish at Makerworld and as they ignore my and others models in the new uploads stream but publish tons of obvious worthless spam.

I am in doubt if my decision was right to switch to Makerworld.
I have just published the more simple models. There are dozens more distinguished and complicated ones and I will not publish them on Makerworld if they will be virtually invisible. That is the reason I am so interested in having clarity why my and others models are ignored for the “new uploads” stream.

But hey, they say it is beta so I am confident that Makerworld will evolve. When I look at the Bambu Lab experience as a whole I got the impression that they are able to adapt and change by hearing the arguments of the community. So these are my arguments to improve Makerworld:

  • Get rid of the worthless spam in the “new uploads” stream.
  • Do not fixate on a real world picture as cover (with the AI generators this will even become obsolete soon as no one can distinguish).
  • Insist on a real world picture (not necessarily as cover) of the printed model in the publishing.
  • Insist on a proven print profile in the publishing

With all due respect, no one owes us anything. As a designer, we earn it. I have to earn the respect and trust of those that download and print my work. Nothing is a given, and even when you work hard for something, it isn’t.

You may not like the comparison to something like Amazon, but you need to realize that Bambu is targeting a consumer market. Bambu isn’t trying to position Makerworld to be the next thingiverse. Things on Makerworld may be free, but it is kind of the Amazon for those with Bambu printers. It’s their store front to ready to print consumer products. This is a new era of 3d printing we’re entering. The era of consumers.

Yeah it’s an imperfect system, we get it, and we talk back and forth about it all the time on the forums.

I’m gonna give some thoughts here. This is coming from my perspective as a user of makerworld, as a consumer, and as someone that has worked in design for nearly half my life now.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t normally click on just renders. I like the pictures you’ve taken and I think they are more compelling to me at telling the story of the object/design, than just some render.

I’m a consumer though. I’m looking to see how things fit into my real life. Like your Bicycle Housing Swivel Connector. Didn’t realize the fullness of it until I saw the picture, and then I was like oh that’s neat. Did not care before then, and only clicked in to see which ones you had pictures for because I was curious since we’re here talking about it.

Or your Adjustable Desktop Riser. I want a side by side of the photo, one in the low position, one in the high. Then you click in and see the sweet cad cut away showing how it’s done

It is in my honest opinion that your renders let you down. I don’t think they’re bad or anything. They give a consistent look to your catalog of designs, but they don’t tell a compelling story that draws people in to investigate further. I think it hurts your rankings because people aren’t clicking through on models like that. They are consumer driven, so they’re looking for that story that draws them in; where they can imagine your objects in their life somehow.

If you look at some of the established designers that have traditionally leaned on renders like that, they tend to set scenes that demonstrate their design in some fashion, usually with some sort of home like background. There’s a few that go a simpler route, but they tend to be very simple objects, or trinket type stuff.


Long story short.:

I just want my models shown as any other model in the new uploads stream as it used to be until I guess begin of march 2024.

It is my design, and my design decision to present. Some may like it some may not. Let the user decide. But for this they have to be shown.

The consumer argument I cannot follow as it is named MakerWorld. It might be a thing on Etsy or things like this. Making things yourself is quite the opposite of just consuming.

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It is your decision to present your designs how you’d like. I’m just giving thoughts on why your current method isn’t working and how to adapt to the system as it seems to want to work. You can’t always expect, or force, things to be the way you want them. You can advocate, absolutely, but in the meantime too you can take the time to understand and work with the system rather than feeling shunned by it.

There’s a lot of people here that do well with their designs, and I went and took a close look at your stuff and I think your modeling and everything is nice. I don’t feel like you’re trying to bluff your way up to something you’re not. I am trying to share my observations of this whole community, system, marketplace, makerspace, and everything else that encompasses this ecosystem and makes it beat. There is a reason that things tend to float up, and catch on, and get popular. It drinks from the well of consumerism.

Part of this is you don’t want to be lost. You have work that’s worth checking out. Stop and think a second and maybe consider that maybe the system isn’t just broke, but that there’s things you can do too, to better engage it to make it work for you.


Yes, your design so it’s your decision on how to present. It’s also MakerWorld’s decision on how they present models uploaded.

MakerWorld is far from perfect and has lots to be desired, but they don’t “have to show” anything they don’t want to show.

And as for MakerWorld “owing” us because we’re designers, if you put out things that they don’t want, why do they owe you compensation or exposure, especially because it’s both free to upload and download. Designers help MakerWorld by creating printable models that non-designers want to download, bolstering Bambu Lab’s value. We get points proportionately on how well our models do and that’s the compensation we get back.

If your intention when you switched to MakerWorld was to achieve higher compensation, you gotta try to follow the guidelines that come with the higher compensation. There’s a reason the MW reward system is much higher than everywhere else


Her some arbitrary picks from the recent “new uploads” stream.

I this the demand of MakerWorld? There is a shitload of these in the stream. WHY?

I bow to the force. Just my two cents :smiley:

I have this issue also! everything i select to join the contest is not showing in the contest at all. Even signed out and my friend cannot see them either… very frustrating.

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Well my issue has fixed itself, and I asked for this post to be deleted, but now it has turned into a whole discussion of print picture no print picture issue.