Unfair Free 6 months Membership with no stock filaments!

this is unfair and must be reported to eu dispute center!
they have to be punish for false advertising.

this is the reply from customer support.

You sound like a real treat to deal with. Good luck with “punishing” them for following the terms of the contract.

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terms of contract are not legal in europe.
if you offer a free membership for 6 months to buy something at discounted price… item must be available for all time…if not… it is considered misleading advertising and it is punished from eu guarantor.

we are in europe not in china!

Sounds like you’re talking to the wrong people, shouldn’t you be contacting the department in the EU that enforces what you say is illegal?

of corse but I am informing other people in same situation to do the same, because bambulab has to respect our rights if they want to sell in europe.

I was considering to ask for an extension since the first two months of my 6 month membership has been basically useless. Happy I saw this post so I don’t waste my time.

Terms of the contract aside, this is a bad business decision on Bambu’s part. I have tried a few different filament brands and they print good quality parts. If Bambu had stock, I would have purchased a fair amount from them and possibly all from them during the 6 month membership. If it was possible to extend the membership, then they would likely get a fair amount of filament sales from me during the extended membership. And I would probably continue to buy a decent amount from them after the membership, especially when they have discounts. The gesture of extending the membership alone would have given them some extra sales from me.

I am not mad or anything, or going to find a way to “punish” Bambu. Things like that are not that big a deal to me. But having so low stock for so long and no possibility for extending membership has definitely introduced me to the world of other filaments and I now know a few brands that make good filament for decent prices.

I made a dispute trough agcom
website for italy agcm.it for who can be interested

Aleast they gave you a 6 month free trial, those of use that bought thru there distributors got screwed!

6 month trial with no choice to buy? excellent gift.

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Better sell your printer then. You wouldn’t support such a behavior, right? Right?

I go through a bit of filament and order monthly, but not BL any more as there are better deals out there. You’re getting bent over a product that you can buy from better stocked suppliers, most likely at a cheaper price and get it delivered faster (location dependent)? Take the blinkers off and look around.

The RFID tags are probably the only reason to pay more. And thats a pretty weak case to tie yourself to a brand in my opinion.

How can it be false advertising if you only get it after buying a printer?

because there is advertised:
Free 6-month membership with printers purchased, starting from €18.99/roll and enjoy free shipping over 3 rolls purchased.

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OK Karen. Good luck with banning Bambu Lab from the EU.


While I’m not a lawyer.

maybe noone knows law.
it is false advertise in europe and it is not legal offer something that is not possible to have. you can write what you want in rulement… but law is law… let’s see what agcom say.

Ok Karen, go call the manager

I really do not unserstand some comments:
who is karen.
and who is the manager?

A better option would have been to offer 8x6 rolls limited to 8 per month, and not have the membership limited to 6 months.

Hi. I agree that EU consumer laws can be pretty harsh for businesses to avoid misactions, as was common in the past.
I am no law expert but I already use the EU consumer dispute resolution service.
I advise you to identify if your case fits within the available topics, including complying with all the detailed requirements, and that you have documented the records of the events. Despite the simplicity of the EU legislation, it will demand time and focus to do this.
You must follow their communication and timing procedure if you fulfil the requirements. In my case, it was solved at this stage.
In the worst case, you may have to go to “court”, which has some upfront costs, but the process is relatively swift, and the written legislation will prevail.

I learned from the process that assertive communication is the best tool.