Uploading 3mf files for all printers

Hi all

Is it me or when i upload a 3mf that i saved with the A1 profile active, the profile on makerworld wil only be available for A1 printers. But when i save it as P1 profile it’s available for al Bamby printers.

2024-02-11 09_41_13-Publish Model - MakerWorld

this is already handled here

Well i was wondering that also…

My experience (having an X1C) is that it looks at the model size and claims compatibility with any model that can print that size. There isn’t a way for you to specify the printer models. It could be there’s an error in how this is done when A1 is selected in your profile.

Then again, I wish Bambu would make it such that uploaded projects don’t override the user’s printer type - many people have been burned by not noticing this.


Normally you have the choice when opening in bambu a profile. But yes, it’s annoying when all settings are override

But some profiles, like them from hueforge are mostly preset.

Agree, very annoying since i only notice when trying to send the print job. Also sometimes changing the printer model only is not the best. I did this when printing the bambu mouse, it seemed like all the profiles were for the A1. I changed the printedr and it printed ok but looked like ----, the shell had loads of VFA. The A1 profile was slowed down too much for the X1, it printed perfectly on the standard 0.16mm profile. I now import geometry only. I’ve never had a downloaded profile that was actually for the x1, they all seem to be for A1 or P1.

The A1 lacks the exclusion zone that the X1/P1 has, so anything created with an A1 profile isn’t guaranteed to work on the X1/P1. There’s a hierarchy to it all, that goes from A1-Mini → X1/P1 → A1

So anything made with an A1-Mini Profile will show up for the A1-Mini/X1/P1/A1, and anything made with an X1/P1 profile will show up for the X1/P1/A1, and anything made for the A1 will show up only for the A1.