Vacuum bags that actually work?

I see a couple options on Amazon for vacuum bags 40cm x 40cm, intended for 3D filament spools. This seems like a great idea, but so far I have had zero success.

I bought this one:

…and I haven’t been able to get the bag to hold vacuum for more than a few hours. I am leaving it undisturbed, not playing football with it. I read in reviews that only a fraction of the bags work, so I’m trying more of them, but so far haven’t had one stay sealed for even a half day.

I ordered another similar looking brand this morning:

What bags have people used that actually work well? I see two basic re-useable bag designs on amazon, one has a screw cap and the other does not. I am considering to get the heat-sealed type. That would hold vacuum I assume, but is non-reusable. Anyway, I will report any further result here.

I’m use eSUN and its work with me perfectly.

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I use Esun also bought some humidity strips I put in each bag that way I know if it needs dried before printing or not. So far I havent had one of there bags go bad.

I have bags like this and after 1 week they lost the vacuum. Now i habe this.

The Esun work great for me. After months they are still sucked tight. They even came with desiccant that changes color to put in the bag.

My Amolens worked great for 1 or 2 draw downs, but soon after that, they fail to fully seal. I have some which are still on the 1st or 2nd draw and have been locked solid to the filament for 6+ months. I assumed the limited use was par for the course.

My experience with these bags is hit-or-miss. Some hold a vacuum for a long time, some leak within hours. Brand doesn’t matter as they all come from the same manufacturers.

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I have tried every brand of bags, and they all eventually leak (aka the vacuum seals fail). Went with the cereal box option and desiccant packs. Works much better.

Ive had some leak but it was due to me poking the end of the filament out the little holding hole in the spool. It was poking tiny holes in the bags.

Yep, same here. they have worked for me.

Can I bother you to share the link to the Humidity Strips please? Thanks!

I have had decent luck with this kit

Domsanistor 3D Printer Filament Storage Bags Vacuum Kit,10Pcs Filament Vacuum Bags with Automatic Pump/Humidity Indicator Cards/Clips, Filament Bags Storage Spool Sealing for Keeping Filament Dry

Maybe 5-10% of the bags have had issues holding a vacuum so far. I found the humidity indicator strips to be worthless. They even ship unsealed and never register jack. I half fill organza bags with color changing desiccant and place the bag in the center of the spool before sealing. I have maybe 30-40 spools stored this way.

SAOYOAS 100Pcs 4x6 inch Organza Bags, Drawstring Organza Wedding Party Christmas Favor Gift Bags, for Festival, Party, Bathroom Soaps, Pouches Gift Bags. (White)

eSun works good for me. Sovol works better.

I too have given up on the bags and use the cereal box storage. A little expensive (~$4ea) but they last for years and never fail.

Weird. The bottom one you listed with the battery powered pump works fine for me. But you have to push pretty darn hard to get it to slide all the way onto the suction point. Won’t pull a vacuum otherwise. Takes a while to see any change if you don’t squeeze out most of the air before starting.

I’ve never tried the bags. Seems like a waste of plastic (yes, I know, how ironic) for a sub par result. I use a dehydrator to dry and then store in a simple desiccant bin with feeder hoses the spools I need to keep dry for common use.

sorry no success with bags i tried and gave up
i use a storage box with a good rubber seal and some are ■■■■ with 500g desiccant

This is what I use, so far I have not had any of my cards go bad.

I ha e the same type except I have sunlu and they have held for over a week so far for me.

When you suck the air out don’t suck it down real tight where the spool bends etc. Make sure the zip side is secured. I run the tool over it 3-4 times. Then I sucked it down till it is formed to the spool. You will never get all the air out. This is why you want to add silicone. Make sure the cap is tight also. Not super tight but not loose either.

Oh and by the way, not sure if you know, those humidity cards are one time use even though the bags can be reused.

The silicone packs can be dryer and reused if needed