Very Hot stepper motors

Hello, I have the:

  1. P1P printer
  2. Not enclosed
  3. 300+ hours of prints

I do a fair number of longer prints (high detail). I touched the stepper motors a few days ago and they were “hot”, very hot. Support says this is normal. I was told the same thing about my Prusa printers and once I cooled the stepper motors down a noticeable change in quality occurred. That said, the stepper motors on the P1P are very hot, well above 75C. Yes, they are rated for 100C - right…

Just as with Prusa or anything electronic, heat is not a friend of components. Like the X1, the P1P has a cooling issue with the motherboard. Actually, that fact is what started me on the path to consider hot components. I came up with a simple method to blow cool air on the motherboard and the power supply. I am not sure how to attach a photo yet to the post - yet. Simply said, I used 2 x 40 mm 5V fans (independent PS) held to the rear-panel cooling grid with zip ties. Not elegant, for sure, however, the stepper move above the motherboard and power supply was hotter than the opposite side.

Post the exterior fans there is a very significant difference in the stepper motor just above the mother-board and power supply. I would say that stepper motor is 50C now. No effect as you might expect was noted on the other stepper motor. Now, comparably in heat difference I am considering a small shroud to mount a 40mm fan to the bottom of the stepper motor pushing air out the back.

To what end you question. Well, I feel more comfortable not having extremely hot stepper motors and if I do enclose it for different materials, then I will have at least provided a bit more longevity to the motors, PS, and motherboard. I have not notice one iota of difference in prints - the only real tangible positive so far is my comfort level for the components. If anyone shares these concerns I will find a way to send a picture of what I have come-up with so far.

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I’ve not really paid any attention to the stepoer motors as to their heat but that being said I stuck these on my other printers stepper motors and with no airflow there is a significant difference in lowering the motor temps

Might be worth a shot, they’re cheap enough to try :man_shrugging:

Easycargo 4pcs 40mm Heatsink Kit 40x40x11mm + 3M 8810 Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape, Cooler Heat Sink for Cooling 3D Printers, TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler 40mmx40mmx11mm

So i got also extrem hot stepper motors and got also some electric buzzing sound from the board behind the toolhead…decided to buy a new motor and bam exactly same thing happened…after a few minutes the motor is so damn hot u can touch it…can anyone help me here ?
I tried to unplug the motor and the board then magical doesn’t get hot, but plug the motor in after 2 minutes it got heat up af so u cant touch it again and the motor doesnt works fine it makes loud scratching sound…does anybody knowing what that can be? The toolheadboard V9 u can not buy @ all so, sid i have to throw the printer away or what!?

sounds like a bad bearing.

Bad bearing from new motor ? I disassemble the old motor and that one waa fine…bought a new one and had exact the same problem…after a few minutes the boars and the motor getting extrem hot and the motor doesnt work then…unplug the motor nothing get hot…I’m really at the end, I don’t know what to do anymore…can somebody help me?

Bad bearing connected to the drive belt somewhere. based on heat and screaching noise

Is it getting hot while not printing?

Its getting hot when start printer and wait a bit…unplug the motor board not getting hot and logically motor also…but plug it in and start the printer after 2 minutes the motor and the board behind the toolhead is getting hot af… I’m really at a loss. Support doesn’t answer me… the printer is only 3 months old

If its heating up without any screaching sound, id say bad board and stop using it. With a screach, I would pull the belts off and spin everything by hand (pulleys and motor shaft).

Sorry if you already did these things. And yeah, if you put a ticket in, theyll get back to you within the next week. Then its 1 response per day after that. Get a camera, pencil and paper ready.

Oh wow the support is bad i hear that before from others but this bad…wow…

Its getting hot and make some bussing and tickling sound (the board) but here is the key thing…i cant buy it…and Somehow I have the strange feeling that Bambu won’t send me a replacement either…in this case 1.8k euros to throw away, that’s really brutal of Bambu

I hear you. I had a bad ap board that i wanted to buy but wasnt sold at the time. Ended up spending a total of about 12 personal hours troubleshooting and messaging over a 1 month period before they sent me the replacement. Enough man hours for me to have bought a p1p. It will be a long and odd process, but they will send a replacement eventually.

Yeah really? Had sleepless nights because of that ■■■■ that u cant buy that thing…messing arroyng since 4 days and cannot understand why that problem is comming out of nowhere…The crazy thing is that there aren’t even people who can or want to repair these things…do you have any tips for me on how I should go about getting a board like this from them?

Put in a ticket and be ready to do a list of troubleshooting. Once you get to the end of the list, theyll send you whatever theyve concluded was the problem. Gotta be a ticket though. Ive never had them respond to email. And then always respond through the original ticket and dont let them close it. Parts are warrantied but the actual repair isnt apparently.

Youll get the feeling that you know more about the machine than the support person.

Oh got damn…a nightmares and for me ill dont know why, get that feeling to buy a second x1 carbon…ill going to make another ticket 6th ticket now…and write down everything what has to be replaced right ? But on those tickes i didnt get a response, why is that? To win time on cusmtomers to let them sit in the corner with there problem waiting to get fixed what never going to be fixed?
Thank u a lot man…so your also thinking that my problem is a broken board right ?

Seems like the wait time varies. I imagine people look at the ticket and if it seems tough, pass it on. Some people get helped the same day.

If its heating up while sitting or the board is crackling and hissing, something on one of the boards is bad. Sounds dangerous too. Like I said though, if its only while moving, probably a bearing.

Hmmm okay pretty interesting how there supports are working…nope its no matter where…toolhead can stand completely still after a few minutes the whole board and motor is hesting up and then doesnt work anymore…tickling buzzing sounds coming out of the board/toolhead…i got on every ticket i send no answer except that auto answer sh i t with make a video theres some filament stuck in the extruder -.- i am not sure but i think those answer are automatically generated and sent out…absolutely mess this support…

Hopefully they get you sorted before they start shipping the new printer.

Why? Think the new one is getting also worse that the x1? To many problems and then support completely freaking out ?

Just a guess that they didnt hire more support for the increased sales.

What a mess for the customer…i hope they send me a new board otherwise can throw the printer away or going to buy the k1 creality…and sell all my bambu stuff…what a waste of money

From my experience: Creality’s support is also just a complete nightmare. I would not trust them to offer good support, either. I had quite some problems with an Ender-5 I bought from them. In the end, I just did what most people do, buy another board myself and put that in.
But this is also not possible that easy anymore with the K1-Series.

This is a bit of the problem with the Chinese companies. Support is often somewhat of an afterthought.