Vibration noise when printing circles

Hello, I have very loud vibration noises when I especially print parts with circles.

I specify that I have carried out all the maintenance recommended by BAMULAB:

Cleaning carbon axis with isopropanol

Lubrication of all the bearings even those of the belt at the rear, but nothing makes the noise. Attached is a video to illustrate the problem.

the second video is an example that I deliberately missed to see if the noise came from the hotend rubbing on the part, and it turns out not

Thank you for your help

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Hi mate, new to 3d printing and just received my x1c and I hear the same noise. I thought it’s the plastic cover the make the noise and nothing to worry but after reading this I am worried too
Cheers for sharing

I have my X1C since 6 month and this is the first time that ear this noise, so it is not normal

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I am curious if the resonance calibration will change these sounds. It doesn’t sound normal, it is exceptionally loud.
After I moved my printer around to a new location I’ve done this initial calibration cause I noticed it responded a bit quirky reprinting a previous model.

Mine does the same thing on circles and arcs during high speed printing. I also haven’t found any solution to it.

I was actually wondering this same thing lately. I see that in the G-code, for circles it actually uses a bunch of small G1 (straight line) moves. There’s a couple G2/G3 in there, but mostly G1.

I also saw that gyroid infills do use G2 (clockwise circle) and G3 (counterclockwise circle) moves, and noticed that the buzz is not present during gyroid infills.

Kinda weird, maybe it’s a slicer thing.

Hello folks,

i’ve the same problem printing rather smaller circles 2-3cm diameter. Bigger circles ca 7cm sounds normal.
My printer has 40 hours print time, this sound wasn’t there in the first 30 hours of printing or so. If i print “silent” then the sound goes away.

The printing quality seems not to be affected, anyway it doesn’t sound “healthy” and I wonder if this is or will be a critical issue?

Any advices?

with best Regards,

A guy from the german facebook group had the same issue.
He downgraded the firmware and after upgraded back to the newest firmware.
After it, it was gone.

Maybe it helps you guys too

i’ve had the same problem since the first print, i didn’t notice it at first, at some point i did, now that i see the post and realise it could be a problem, i’m not sure if it’s not even louder now than it was at the beginning, i’ll keep an eye on it.

any feedback on whether the downgrade actually helps? (here from the forum)

has anyone asked support yet?

Downgrade printer firmware or slicer?

yes i have , no i have not the pb i think it with one filament, i change it and no there is no noise

I have the same issue too. Will try downgrading and upgrading the firmware too. However during my quest to find a fix for this, I came across a setting in orca slicer called ‘slowdown for curled perimeters’. I wonder if this might help!? Has anyone experience with this setting?

mine does it too. and its not just this printer i had my previous x1c replaced by microcenter the ap board fried or something to do with it caused it to fail but on both printers i have heard this noise!

ill have to check it out i have been fliping back and forth between orca and bambu studio since orca isnt all the way put together yet…

Asked support? have you ever dealt with support? it takes a week to get a reply. I had a fried ap board or something to do with the ap board fried and i realized that i payed for a warranty through microcenter luckly and it was still 3 days after i already went and got a new printer that they finally reached out to me. Bambu Lab needs to get their support staff together!

So glad to find this forum, pulling my hair out, have had thiss extra ‘carbon rail’ rattle or something since day 1, 3 week old printer - 3 weeks into support tickets and back and forth and videos.

Many videos and troubleshooting - support claim its normal… well sorry to say a dont deem it normal when other frends X1Cs and X1Cs i have seen demoed at professional print farms dont do it.

BTW - for me, circles 100% yes but it helps highlight the problem but also occcurs other print areas types etcc, particular with circles thou.

I had the same sounds on mine and lubricating the lead-screws seems to have eliminated the issue. This is odd, since I had thought the sounds were coming from the hot-end motion, but it worked.

Thanks, I have done extensive lubrication, cleaning of rods, cleaning redoing screws, belt areas and other steps by Support.

So … revisitng this … as
a) seems like Lots of people ARE reporting this
b) people ARE getting different results \ issues\ noises comparedf to their friends quiet machines…
c) Its producing poorer quality prints in some cases or develops into that after time…
d) Support tickets are active for a lot of people … some with no resolution but refunds and then purchase bans…

You tube and facebook you can find reports and videos of it, other X1C\P1P\P1s dont do this to the extreme being reported…

Offical Discord -

Lots of cases there too…

I honeslty thing there is something “not normal” here… beyond typical high speed nozzle noise etc…

I’ve had my X1C for two days. Today I noticed a VERY loud rattling/vibration sound while currently printing the unwind-spool holder for a respooler, using gyroid fill (default provided in the profile).

When printing the bolt holes/circles, I noticed the very loud vibration. Some research suggests it’s because the model was exported as an STL, and circles are approximated by many small lines. The theory is this makes the printer adjust it’s acceleration very rapidly, causing the printer to vibrate loudly.

I can’t include links, but my source in these forums, search for: “x1c-grinding-weird-noise-when-printing-circular-pattern”

On Makerworld, look for " Awesome Filament Spool Rewinder - Upgraded" for the respooler I’m printing.