VOTE: Feature Request (Suggestions for Improvement)

I’m not sure if there is an official X1c feature request location. But here are my suggestions…do others agree?

Choose any of the following

  • Send files to SD card via cloud (not just prints)
  • Longer sleep time for LCD (1 Hour, 4 Hours, Never)
  • RTSP support for camera via LAN
  • Show Completion time, not just remaining time
  • Display Filament Sub-Stye (“Basic”)
  • Allow IP address to be entered on Bambu Studio for when mDNS isn’t available (eg, VPN)
  • Better lighting in chamber
  • Quieter fans
  • Ship PEI plate by default
  • Allow 3rd Party RFID
  • Sell RFID stickers for use on Generic Filaments
  • Hyrda improvements built into AMS by default
  • Easier to change First Stage motors
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Push notifications (To specified URL)
  • Something else (Suggest as a post)
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…or add your own as a posting below:

Despite being run by BL, its staff rarely ventures here, and even more rarely bother to respond or interact with the users. So, i wouldn’t rise my hopes to high [ in fact, based on my experience here, I’d say don’t rise any kind or form of hope ], but if you still do, make sure that hope ain’t rising higher than the frog’s ankle.
As for your survey, it ain’t bad. However, if you’ll do some search you’ll find that there are quite a few of them spread on various topics. Checking them out might give you some additional insights as to what the users would want added or removed and might help you build a more comprehensive list.
Good luck with your list. Hopefully some bored BL employees, having nothing better to do, might stumble upon this list and might decide to send it to their C-level. You never know.

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I’ll step aside the very pessimistic, negative approach (pessimists often call it “realistic” but that’s irrelevant, as it is still cold water and defeatism.)

I’m actually hoping that others will submit additional items, or suggest removing items.

I would like to gather a “master list” of suggestions.

The gathering process is different from the lobbying process. This is the place to gather. Lobbying for action can come through a different channel. That is, the Entrance and the Exit doors are not always one and the same.

I do hope people will make suggestions and that these can be gathered and perhaps re-prioritized. I’ll watch and see, and give some discretion so that the list doesn’t get polluted with oddities (the like button on a suggestion is the actual tip-off that its should be added to the list.)

I appreciate your caution but I tend to believe that the start of a journey begins with a step, not with paralyzing analysis of the risks of venturing out.

I appreciate your position as well as the confidence, and for the record I’m a pragmatic… definitely not a defeatist… and from 20+ years of professional experience, trust me when I say that it’s worth the time and effort to perform a thorough risk analysis before you commit to a project, in order to be able to come up with the necessary yet adequate risk mitigation measures…
But I’m diverging and you’re not looking for a debate, so I’ll step out.

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Thanks for sharing your quicksand.

I’m not saying I’m embarking on a big project. I’m taking a survey. You’re the one who have lept to the conclusion that I’m out to change Bambu’s plans.

The survey stands on its own. If people participate that’s great. If they have suggestions, that’s better. At some point, I’ll compile everything and send it off for consideration.

As already said, Bambu does not pay much attention to this forum. On rare occasions an employee makes a comment, but they generally don’t answer questions, respond to problems, bug reports, or feature requests in the forum.

The best place for bug reports and feature requests is the Github site:


Add to an existing issue, upvote a feature request, or create a new issue, characterize it as a bug or feature. The developers do look at the issues and I have entered a couple of bug reports that were corrected in the next release.

I would not ask for multiple new features in one issue, make separate requests as each issue has to be handled individually.

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Well, I think we’ve successfully derailed this thread.

You keep thinking my objective is to change bamboo. It’s not. My objective is to survey what features other people want. But, that’s pretty much been lost now.

Perhaps don’t be so presumptuous about the objectives of others, and just go along. Then you won’t end up being an inadvertent obstructionist.

Again, my primary objective was not to change bamboo. It was to learn and flush out a list of features that people would like. This is the best place for that…or was until all of these postings challenging the survey. Thanks so much for that.

Kudos. I support the idea of getting the discussion going. What can it hurt anyway. Maybe a tech will find this topic - maybe not. If it gets the conversation rolling, OK fine.

My 2 cents (FWIW): X1C. Why not make the poop chute clear plastic? Given the poor lighting, at least you would be able to see potential clogs more easily.

be good to add Auto sleep after print had finished.

With printers without the AMS, it should be much easier to change the filament mid-print. Currently, it’s a convoluted process. Prusa makes this very easy.

Even better filtration and VOC protection.

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my points would be:

  • AMS (only) for TPU
  • API to contol the printer
  • simple (optocoupler) input to pause printer (for external spaghetti detection)
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