VOTE: How has your Bambu Customer Support experience been?

If you have requested customer service within the previous 90 days, how has your experience been?

  • GREAT: I used and am happy with the customer service I received.
  • POOR: I tried to use customer service but the resolution process was poor.
  • SLOW: I found the response times to be slow (4 to 7 days)
  • TERRIBLY SLOW: I found the response times to be terrible (7+ days)
  • NONE: Customer service never solved my problem, I gave up.
  • OK: The customer service experience was OK. Not good and not bad.
  • HASSLE: Customer Service unnecessarily hassled me, making the process quite cumbersome.
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Mine are from mid August and mid October, so over the 90 days you ask for but i still want to give my feedback: Flawless in my experience [EU Support - Hardware related].

Had 2 tickets and both were resolved within 3ish days each. Shipping was 1 day on top ( i live “close” to the warehouse)

Haven’t had the need to open a hardware related ticket since. I did open a ticket on makerworld which was quite sluggish but it wasn’t something i was personally affected by.

In my opinion, you should have two separate polls, one for service time, (how long were response times) and one for service experience (was your problem resolved professionally and politely). It seems like your current polling mixes the two, and it may bring clarity to parse them out. Just a suggestion. Beyond that I cannot vote because I have not needed to contact CS in 1000hrs of printing, thankfully.

EDIT: it may also help if you included an option to say where the voter lives, (North America, Asia, Europe, etc.) since that may point to weaknesses being concentrated geographically.

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I agree. Perhaps after this poll that can be done, and would be a better approach.

I am mostly interested in those who actually needed customer service. The intention is not to discern how reliable the printer is, but to discern how good the organization is.

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My experience as a new customer is not the greatest.
I ordered my X1C in December. I was suppost to arrive past Friday unfortunately somehow DHL/Bpost managed to lose a 50cm x 50cm x 60cm, 23 kilo weighting parcel. I have created a ticket about this on Sunday but I did not get any response.

Mine was delivered by In my experience, bpost drivers simply leaves a notification in your mailbox to go collect it from their nearest collection point. Apparently bpost drivers don’t like carrying such loads from their van to the address, unless they can park right in front of your door, and even then they not always do it.

the support is great its just slow as molasses going uphill in a blizzard

I’ve thankfully not had any issues with my new X1C, but what I will say is that I would like to see a bit more active community interaction here on the forums. Even if its just basic replies to acknowlede when a topic or issue has reached the ears of someone who can affect change.

Not really any different than how big YouTubers don’t read or respond to comments.


If Bambu would provide technical support in a reasonable amount of time (which is most definitely not 10 days to initially respond to a ticket) then perhaps users wouldn’t be so [justifiably] upset.

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So because Bambu’s support system is over loaded it justifies people to post mean and nasty comments?

I get it, you haven’t got the level of support feel you should have. Rightly so. You’ve made that very clear with your posts. The problem is you’re posting to a community of people who can’t do anything about it.

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Precisely correct.

This is both a warning to others and a way of correcting bad behavior by the company. If the company (or a child) can misbehave without consequences then there is no incentive to be responsible.

As a consumer, there is some social obligation to both inform others and use available means to apply pressure to a company that is offering a level of service that is out of line.

On the flip side, if a customer has a temper tantrum and stomps their feet because they aren’t getting their way (like a child), should they not be put in timeout to cool off and act like a reasonable and respectable human?

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I don’t think this concept applies with respect to American consumers. American consumers are perfectly entitled to voice, their opinions, both privately, and in public at any time. It’s an accepted custom and practice. However, much, you may like to disagree, they are not children.

Same principles apply in Europe