What is the *real* maximum print volume?

I am looking for guidance on the real maximum print volume possible with the X1CC. The printer bed says 256mm x 256mm x 256mm, but if I create a box primitive this large on Bambu Studio it raises an error saying that object is out of the plate boundaries.

If I reduce the volume to 200x226x250 it fits within the plate and doesn’t interfere with the flow calibration lines, but very close to it and I don’t know if it is safe to print.

I would like to print a vase/planter as large as I can. Thank you!

Hi JPolisel,

If you turn the flow calibration off and manually do your own flow calibrate you can get more.

Then to get even more you have to add the Bambu Lab X1 mod part.

I would check out Orca slicer if you are not already using it for the flow testing and more slicer settings.

Hope this helps you out :v:


Thank you so much @3DTech ! I am not using the Orca, I am actually very new to 3D Printing and learning, I will check it out.

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This is what I was able to get but you have to move the part around :grinning:


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Another thing you can do is pause the print and then remove the calibration and purge lines then resume the print again.

JESUS CHRIST THIS TOOK TOO LONG TO FIND all these idiots on reddit mentioning the exclusion zone but no one can list the real build volume, frick those commentors and whoever wrote that useless wiki on the mod that no real consumer has time for

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