What is your plans with this?

  • Staying with the A1
  • Just getting a refund and walking away
  • Jumping to the P1S or P1P
  • Jumping to the X1C
  • Downgrading to the A1 mini
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I voted to take the money and walk away, but to be honest I’m not sure yet.
I’ve been 3D printing for almost 8 years now and have had various printers during this time. I switched from a heavily modified Prusa Mk3S+ to the A1, but now I have to reconsider.

I’ve had my share of Chinese printers in the past (Geeetech I3 and a Creality Ender 3 (first gen)) + using professional printers for work (Ultimaker 3 and 5 + Craftbot Idex XL) and after tinkering and working with printers for so long, it was a breath of relief to find a machine that just works (like most professional systems).

I still long for a machine that is click-and-print 99% of the time I’m using it, but my trust in Bambulabs is somewhat dented. I would love to go for a P1S, but I’m seeing a handful of contenders with similar pricing.

So at this point I’m not sure yet.
The A1 is going back regardless, I don’t want to tinker with it and would rather wait and buy an off the shelf unit when it’s fixed.

Given that the A1 gave me so much satisfaction, even for less than a month, I won’t change it. It’s a formidable machine.
Yes there was a twist, but, it’s fixable. If the machine is very good, I just keep it.


Mine at the moment don’t have the problem of the cable! So I choose the replacement for the heat bed, the print quality is just amazing! If I compare with my other bed slinger 3d printers, definitely I want to maintain it.

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I opted to keep it because it wasn’t disclosed whether BambuLab was going to provide repackaging or pay the postage. I was going to use the refund to upgrade to a P1S, as I need at least 2 operatable machines, but because I wasn’t aware at the time that BambuLab was going to at least provide repacking materials, I chose to keep the A1 and wait for replacement parts.
Even if I could change my options, I wouldn’t now. The P1S may have the enclosure that I wish the A1 had, but with the voucher for waiting I will finally be able to buy it an AMS. So the trade-off of an enclosed printer for a multicolour one seems better for my own uses.

Keeping it, and installing the print-bed update when available. Really liking this printer after a Ender3V2. I appreciate the professional attitude and clear communications from Bambu Lab.

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They won’t, but I think they will help you on telling you the type of box or whatever. IDK, just ask the support.

Update, I seen this on reddit.


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I did consider a refund, the total would be enough to buy an A1 mini combo (I only have the A1, not the AMS lite).

On reflection I thought the Mini was too small, and its out of stock locally, so the wait may be a while anyway.

I did initially request a refund with the plan to buy an alternative printer, however after thinking about it and on looking at the alternatives which bought back memories of the years of faffing with Enders I’m going to keep it.

For my printing needs the A1 has been far and away the best printer I’ve used, once the filaments were tuned it’s been very reliable enabling me to concentrate on CAD design instead of printer maintenance.

I’m keeping mine, I’ve printed a 1kg of add ons like AMS top mount, bought extra hot ends. It would be inconvenient to return it even though I have the box etc… the mini is too small or me and I really like the ease of hot end swapping in the A1s. My cable doesn’t have a problem (as yet) and it’s in a safe space that it won’t hurt anything else if it fails.

My option is not available on the vote.
I will get the refund but not walk away, I wait till May or June if the second revision comes out where the issues are solved and than I will order a new one.
Why I will do this, even if I’m very familiar with electronics, I will NOT change the headed bed myself because of e.g. Insurance problems if something happens afterwards and I swap it myself, because of possible warranty discussions if I didn’t do something correctly when I changed it myself, etc.
Everyone can make their own decision whether to convert it themselves, but then they have to live with the consequences if, in the worst case scenario, an accident occurs after the conversion.
I for myself will not hold this risk and so I will take the refund and order a new one later this year if the are available again.

I understand and respect your take on this. I was (and still am a bit) reluctant on doing the bed swap myself, but to be honest: I have modified my Anycubic waaaaay more than what is needed in this fix for the A1 and I never considered the insurance thing. I am pretty sure that a lot of you out there have been in the same boat. The thing with the A1 though, is that it is sold as an appliance (well, sort of) and it’s a bit weird to start modding and fixing things on an appliance. Still, I am going for it. Wish me luck. If I do get semi-electrocuted in the process I will post a picture of my hair on this forum :slight_smile:

If I can solve a problem with my extruder, I’ll probably stick with my A1. If not, I’ll send it to BambuLab, and then I don’t know what I’ll do.

I find it interesting that 95% of the participants in this poll are staying with Bambu Lab either by staying, upgrading or downgrading their printers.

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I’m honestly not that shocked. The A1 is generally a good printer, and BL doesn’t seem like a fly by night company. Plus there isn’t too many better options right now if you want multi color.

For me its coming down to lack of options. There just doesn’t seem to be anything as good. I’m interested in the K1C but the bed is small compared to P1P. I’m also very interested in K1 max but its currently $200 more then the P1S. BL support has not impressed me but reading the creality forums; they sound just as bad.

As much as I would like to go with Prusa they are just too expensive for what you get.


On the fence here. After I bought the A1 I thought perhaps I should have forked out the extra money for a P1S. But after I used the A1 for a while I started loving it.
Now it seems ive been given a great chance to upgrade to p1s, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

I’m keeping mine, and will swap out the bed when it comes.
I’m actually really tempted to apply the $120 to an A1 Mini as a second printer (40% off!). Swap my AMS between them depending on what they’re currently doing. I’m currently finding myself chaining one job after another, where many of those jobs don’t need the full-size bed.

I will wish a instant upgrade while returning my existing because I don’t know what replacement bed would solve?

@SGNewb in this thread is a post regarding the shipping costs and packaging. But I think a lot of people still don’t have a direct information from BL.