What settings are used when printing with AMS?

I have my filament settings set correctly in my 4 boxes in Bambu studio. This are custom PETG profiles.

When I load filament to the AMS I don’t see my custom filaments so I set them with generic PeTG in the machine.

I sync in studio and get the four boxes with generic Petg… I then select my filaments from the drop boxes in studio, and send a print with the part set to the appropriate slot.

However, what are the settings the printer is using to print when I send a job from studio to print (from my computer)? The ones from Bambu Studio or the ones on the AMS settings? I know it uses the correct slot, but don’t know if it uses the temps and settings in the custom filament I did in studio, or the ones selected on AMS?

Hi KikoLobo,

the printer performs the definitions laid down in the sliced GCode-files. Therefore, the presets defined in Bambu Studio are the ones used.

I know this is simpler than what I am thinking, but just to clarify and make sure I understand completely…

In bambu studio, you have a pallet of filaments with the correct custom filaments loaded corresponding to the correct slot in the AMS. Then in the “object” section I pick the correct number/slot I want to use for printing with the object.

Then after slicing and sending the job, the printer will use the appropriate slot in the AMS selected in the slicer and use the temperature and other settings FROM the slicer regardless of what the setting is in the AMS. (Since I can only pick generic PETG but I have a custom PETG profile I want to use).

If this is the case, then :
What happens when you override the slot number in the “send” dialog in studio. Will the settings from the AMS be used or the ones on the pallet in the slicer? Lets say I picked in the slicer slot #1 (Custom Black PETG as set in studio), but in the dialog I pick slot #2 (Also a custom red PETG as set in studio)… What settings will be used? (AMS Generic settings or Custom Settings from studio).

Another way to clarify this is…: When will the settings made in the machine for the AMS override the settings in the slicer (Bambu Studio).

Filament profile settings are used only during the slicing process. Assigning AMS slots when a print is started just tells the printer which slot to use for which studio pallet number.

There is a sanity check which for example won’t let you assign a studio pallet slot containing PLA to an AMS slot which it thinks contains PETG.

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Very Clear!

Thank you!