Where to buy more lubricant oil?

Hi, I can’t find the lubricant oil that you ship with A1 mini for Y axis, do you have in the online store to buy it?

Thank you!

I refer to the one that you show in this wiki article:

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In the wiki, they stated that they were still doing tests on many different kinds of lubricants. A lubricating oil list would be updated after they get the results. .

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Good discussion on the topic here: Warning, lead screws need lubrication! What lube/grease?!?

As far as what anyone tells you regarding lubricants. RTFL (read the fine label).

What you want is something that has PTFE in it. The go-to one that was recommended to me by a trusted source has all the same ingredients as Bambu but you get a 90% discount by NOT buying it from them. Get the High viscosity stuff, it doesn’t drip as much.

Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE

I also got the pen version to get near those hard to reach areas like the pulleys. Remember that you only need a couple of drops. If it’s dripping, you used too much.
Super Lube 51010 Oil Super Lube,Translucent white

It’s also USDA food-grade safe. :smile: All that means is that you can use it on your meat slicer or any kitchen appliance that might come in contact with food. The contents are hypoallergenic, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. I also heard that it’s zero calories and Gluten free and fair-trade compliant too… :laughing: But don’t quote me on that.


So do I get it right:

  1. Super Lube 51004 is for the rods
  2. Super Lube 51010 is for the pulleys
  3. Super Lube 92003 is for the lead scerws?

don’t wanna make a mistake and buy the right stuff :slight_smile:
greetings kuhni

Yes, that is absolutely the best possible way to destroy your expensive printer. :bomb:

The answers are in the maintenance wiki.

Carbon Fiber Rods should NEVER be lubricated ! ! !

Properly maintaining carbon fiber rods is straightforward. You can use isopropyl alcohol along with either a lint-free microfiber cloth or lint-free paper towel. In the US, Bounty brand paper towels are in my experience the most lint free. In my earlier career we used it to clean optics. But you can also find blue shop towels with lint-free properties. While the emphasis on lint-free may be excessive, it can be worth it for those who are particularly meticulous. :grin: The most crucial aspect of cleaning carbon fiber is eliminating dust from the shedding fibers and removing any oils or contaminants that could attract carbon fiber dust. That’s why isopropyl alcohol is used; otherwise, water is better than nothing.

If you take nothing away from this thread but this; “Less lube is better than more lube” you will have walked away with some powerful knowledge. This is not a Chevy, this is a piece of precision equipment. Whereas the drive pulleys do not like to be dry, they also deteriorate much faster when they get gunked up with old lube that’s been contaminated by filament dust and the inevitable metal particles from normal wear. That’s why cleaning is more important than lube.

I didn’t mean the carbon rods. There are also metal rods (Y-axis). I meant for these. Or am I wrong?
I know that the Carbon rods have to be cleaned with IPA.
but anyway- are these 3 Lubes right? Or how do you keep maintenance?

Any lube that has PTFE will be good enough. Don’t get pulled into marketing hype. The one’s I mentioned above were recommended because they are commonly used in industrial applications and lack the over-pricing that one sees when an industrial product is marketed to consumers. It’s a pet peeve of mine because I work in the industry that does exactly this and in my view, it’s dishonest. In other words, this is one of those cases where higher price won’t get a better product.

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I was just wondering whether the 3rd one has a diameter small enough to reach the pulleys…? Would you recommend it?

On the wiki, Bambu says you can also use WD40.
There is also a tuto / video on how to use it.

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