Which PLA can you recommend for Bambu X1CC?

Is there any Filament you can recommend for the Bambu X1CC. Any brand… Geeetech….Sunlu….
I am searching PLA with a good quality which of course also should fits in the AMS.
Thanks in advance!


I’m doing well with SunLu PLA/PLA+ in the AMS.


I used the following brands in my AMS:

Extrudr PLA NX2 - Generic profile - very nice surface / without problems while printing
Overture PLA Pro - Generic profile - very nice surface / without problems while printing
Giant Arm Silk Pla - Generic profile - some holes and defects at the surface / without problems while printing (maybe i have to tune some parameters)
Polymaker Polyterra PLA - Polyterra profile - very nice surface / without problems while printing
Sunlu Pla+ - Generic profile - bad surface, looks slightly transparent / without problems while printing
Eryone Matte Pla - Generic profile - very nice surface / without problems while printing
R3D Pla - Generic profile - very nice surface / without problems while printing
TEQStone PLA - Generic profile - is being printed / without problems while printing



Thanks a lot for your helpful answer!

I second this, but I’ll also add eSun.

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oooh, I’m curious about the “very nice surface” vs “bad surface”, since I use a lot of SunLu at the moment, maybe I should try one of the others you suggest here! Thanks for the detailed info.

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I tried to get some pictures.

Red → Sunlu Pla+

Black → Polymaker PolyTerra PLA

Purple → Eryone Pla matte

Blue → Extrudr Pla NX2

Hope this will help a bit.



I have a saying.

No company is incapable of producing c rap.

And the corollary:

Sadly, the reverse is not also true.

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I have run a lot of Matterhacker Build and Quantum PLA series through my X1CC using just the generic profile and it prints great.

Anyone used the Polymaker PolyLite PLA Pro or PLA-CF, eSUN PLA+ (Fire Red specifically)? I am still waiting for my X1CC to be delivered… so not sure if these profiles are there, just exploring.

In general, Bambu Lab is also selling Filament.

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I recently started to use Polymaker PolyTerra PLA. Quality is perfect, but it sticks like h*ll to the bed… Almost impossible to get it off. Used BASF PLA before, no problems…

This was something that has been recognized on other printers too - on my MK3S I could clearly see markings of the print. But using the Texture PEI sheet and waiting to led it cool of - PolyTerra PLA pops of like any other PLA in my sortiment.

Hey you Guys,

i’m only using Material4Print.


  • Made in Germany :stuck_out_tongue:
  • only +/-0,02mm roundness/diameter tolerance (typical value from other manufacturer = +/- 0,05mm)
  • relatively cheap price
  • fast shipment (i ordered this morning and got a message that it’s going to be by me tomorrow)

They have Bamu Lab Profiles as well!

Greetings and Happy Printing

If it sticks like hell, then use hairspray (a thin layer) as a release agent (works same as glue stick, but less messy)

Agreed hair spray works great. Also esun pla and petg works great with this printer.

I see a lot of brands people recommend. Why not use Bambu Lab filament? It’s not much more for a roll and it’s very convenient with their RF id chips for the AMS to know exactly what you just loaded and change the settings automatically…

Thanks for the tip! I will try them!

I just received my P1S today and wanted to order black PLA at the Bambu website, but it was out of stock. I hear this is often the case?

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I have more choices of materials and colors.
I can buy quality filament for less, both online and locally.
I can receive quicker shipping from other sources.
I can receive free shipping from other sources on orders of less than $49.
I can find quality filament at local retail stores if the need is urgent.

Bambu filaments are apparently often out of stock.
Bambu filaments tend to be more expensive. 50% to 90% more for PLA.
Bambu-provided presets for their filaments are usable, but calibrating with Orca-Slicer has always improved my results. So the presets are only good for a starting point, the Generic settings serve that same purpose.
Bambu shipping is slow. Every one of my orders has sat for 2 to 4 days between printing the label and being received by the carrier.
I do not have or want an AMS, so the RFID chip is no advantage.

So, why would I restrict myself to Bambu Lab filament?


Great topic! Very helpful for those of us new to the Bambu printer and the AMS.