Why don't we have Refills for all filament types

I really like the metal filament, and the asa filament. However with a lot of purchases I have soo many spools its not funny. Is it possible to get the specialty filaments as refills as well? It would be super handy.



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I have been wondering about this myself! I would like to buy 0.5kg of PAHT-CF at a slight discount since I already have a high temp refillable spool

among 99 problems, this is definately one. Half the normal pla colors dont have a refill yet either.

Thanks for asking this I was just going to say the same thing. I ha e so many spools that really aren’t needed. Lol plus also we can print spools.


Bambu any ideas?

This seems like it should be the reverse problem, you would expect everything to be available as a refill and if there are shortages, it would be for the spooled versions and as pointed out, we can simply print spools so there just isn’t a need.

I avoid buying anything that isn’t a refill, I don’t want the extra plastic and potential waste!

@bradsjm You ever do multi color prints?

Considering that I’m doing a large project on with the bambu metal, I’m sad cause I have to buy all the spools

The fact that bambu lab markets their spools as reducing plastic waste because they’re reusable but doesn’t actually give you the option to re use them is mildly infuriating. They should package and sell all their spools as refills with the option the buy the plastic spool separately.

I never bought into that line of marketing, and if anyone did, I feel bad for them.

You are buying a product that literally emits 100% waste plastic that serves zero purpose without re-manufacturing it, discussing the savings of plastic.

Yeah no, that line of marketing never stood a chance to hold water, they want to push their own filament for sales, nothing more, nothing less.

It sounds like their process for spooling filament prefers the reel loader over the refill bundler. Makes me wonder what that all entails as you would think bundling would be cheaper, faster and far easier for them to produce, so there are some steps we are missing here.

All signs point to refill bundles being the best solution for everyone, so what’s the hang up?

That transferring the refill to a spool has risks of messing up resulting in returns, unhappy customers, etc. So they have to sell both spooled and refills and that’s more SKUs, which costs them.

Id say 90% waste is better than 100%. Im craY though.

Fishing for commentary on an obvious contradictory stance doesn’t do anyone a service.

But as you say, you are cray so I forgive you.

Pretending to care about the environment is cute and all but there’s none of that to be had in this industry. We are the literal peak burden of society in that respect, and there is no digging yourself out of that hole even with your perceived savings of 10% which isn’t saving anything, but in fact adding that 90% of waste to the planet and additional load into societies infrastructure just to get you the printer and materials.

Just stop buying filament and all of this is solved in an instant.

So youre saying reusing spools has 0 effect. so, doubling the plastic in the spools would also have 0 impact?

Youre saying that instead of making vehicles more efficient, we should just all walk or drive diesels. I get it.

Whats really going on is a $.50 spool brings in $4. Probably doubles the profit margin on each roll sold. If you have a limited supply, why would you choose to put it into a product that has a lower profit margin?

Nobody has claimed anything you are stating.

Furthermore, the waste plastic commentary was specifically in reference to the literal chute of waste plastic that builds up behind your printer, you are misconstruing multiple talking points into some strawman statement and it’s not working on any level whatsoever and furthermore proves my point that you are doing everyone a disservice here.

If you wanted to reinforce the benefits of not buying an extra spool, you need merely point out the fact that it saves on materials and end it there, that’s immutable fact. But you chose the cray route, I get it.

We can go butcher reading comprehension on Reddit all day long too you know?

"never bought into that line of marketing, and if anyone did, I feel bad for them.

You are buying a product that literally emits 100% waste plastic that serves zero purpose without re-manufacturing it, discussing the savings of plastic."

Yeah, this comment did nobody a disservice. Carry on.

Quoting me randomly does nobody any good as well.

Being snarky about the truth doesn’t make it any more valid.

You win. My response wasnt factual. It also wasnt in response to your snarky comment. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Im sure youre normally very helpful.

I will add that even for the same filament types some colors don’t have a refill option. I am assuming that this is a inventory thing, but Matte Blue PLA has not been available as a refill for at least 2 months.