Why is the fan and light never shut down after print is finished?

I’m wondering why there seems to be no standby for the printer. Situation: Print is finished, the bed and nozzle are cooled down to room temperature. I waited many hours. The fan never turns off, the light is still on. The screen turned off, but that’s it. Also the buttons on the printer are just sending the screen to black, but nothing more.

Is this a bug to my specific printer or what’s up here?

Printer Firmware:
AMS Firmware:

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On my X1CC it is the same. The power button does nothing besides turning off the screen. The red button next to the power button seems to have no functionality at all. Because the fan is very loud, it would make sense to turn it off once the print has finished.

Refering to the documentation (Quick Start Guide) the right button is a pause button, than can be used during a print to make an instant pause. It only has a function while printing.

I really hope more users can tell something about their experience.

The LED is indeed never shutdown, but the internal fans (at least inside the X1S) are actually shut down after ~10 minutes (additional chamber fan, head fan) - they are running during that time to help cooling down the system and avoid too fast temperature decrease (that could fragilize some parts like the hotend).

On my side i’m using a SHELLY PLUG connected with ALEXA.

(also available on AMAZON + you don’t need any “hub”, they are just WIFI devices + it’s working locally (the shelly cloud is not mandatory))

For now i’m still doing “ALEXA, shutdown X1”, but, of course, you could go further and monitor the power consumption with a home automation system (like OPENHAB) and turn off the 3D printer as soon as the average power consumption inside a 10 minute monitoring window is below a given threshold (this is what i did for a few other devices).

But indeed i was at first quite deceipted to see that you cannot turn on/off the printer in a logical way (from Bambu Studio, …)

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Same here on my X1C. Not sure whether BambuLab is aware of it. Maybe submit a bug report?

You can manually turn off the chamber light, but not the one on the toolhead. I’d love for that one and the LEDs in the AMS to shut off when the printer is idle, they’re kind of bright in a dark room at night.

I’ve been using an Emporia to manually turn it on-off remotely until the bug gets fixed:


The one bonus is that it gives you a second-by-second read-out on your power usage, in case you ever wanted to know that (such as for sizing a UPS or the like). Now that I think of it, you could probably use an IFTTT routine to monitor the power usage and turn it off automatically when it goes into idle. Meh, an exercise for the reader.

I don’t like the idea to have my printer behind a “smart” plug that turns off power by voice or automatically.

The problem is: When the printer gets idle WHILE printing (maybe because AI error detection) or intended (to place a magnet, nut or any other part inside the print) the printer should NEVER turn off.

Also a smart plug is an additional error source.

I really want this feature implemented in the firmware. I’m not sure which fan is running. But in standby all fans, lights and the display should turn off. In my opinion the printer should be reachable by network at every time (so I can start a new print).

A normal printer for paper acts exactly as described.

However, I have a home full of shelly (I’m using ~60 of them). And that’s why I will NEVER add a 3D printer that should be reliable behind a shelly, zigbee or whatever plug. Also the network feature will be gone (I know, I can turn on a shelly remotely).

I’ll be glad to see a good implemented standby. I’m not sure, if this will be fixable by a firmware upgrade. The power supply is produced by Meanwell. May be it’ll have an internal fan that cannot be reached by software.

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The fan on my X1C shuts down after about 10 minutes after print ends. I am using the stock gcode.

The only Fan, that never shut down ist the mc Board Fan. This Fan should shut down as well

It shuts off completely? Mine never does shut-off completely, and I’m running the stock X1C g-code too. All mine does is reduce the fan speed after the printing is done. That’s it. Even 24 hours after the print, it’s still running at reduced speed. It never turns completely off by itself.

A lot of talk about fans but rarely anyone specifying which fan they’re talking about. Here in order of loudness

  • You have the chamber temperature regulating fan which runs (in my case) only when printing PLA and it’s the loudest MF-er of the whole bunch. It’s the one blowing out the back. This fan can I think at all times be shut down via the on screen menu.

  • You have the part cooling fan which is the one you can see on the face of the toolhead. It only runs when actually printing, depending on your slicer settings. This one is also loud, but sharper.

  • You have the hotend fan which is 100% software controlled by the temperature of the hotend. It is impossible to shut down. If you’d turn this off when the hotend is too hot, the hotend will clog. This one is also loud but even sharper than the part cooling fan. It’s the tiny one stuck onto the heatsink inside the hotend.

  • You have the motherboard fan which runs 100% of the time as soon as the main power switch is on. The printer cannot be on (or in standby) without this fan being on. This one gives of a light hum, sometimes a whine but is not very loud. Unless it sounds like mine did a few days ago, but it’s been replaced in the meantime It's getting worse ! - YouTube

I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. When the printer is sitting idle, I can hardly hear a thing. Yes it is in standby mode, yes the light is still on untill you press the on screen button to turn it off. None of my other printers turned themselves off. And I love leaving it in standby mode, this way I can remote slice and start a print from wherever.

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I’m really sorry, but I cannot understand why you’re not noticing the problem here.

First of all, I think there are multiple Versions of the Meanwell power supply involved. The Fan of my power supply is really loud. I have a silent pc (without any fans in my room). There is no other technical device that’s so loud. A paper printer has a fan, too, but this is shut down after a while.

The only thing I want is: Switch light off (chamber AND printing head). Shut down fan of power supply.

If you don’t want this to shut down (I cannot get why), than there might be an option in the “Energy” menu of the printer. Currently there is only a timer for the display timeout. Would be nice to have another timer for lighting and fan. But for the fan it would be better to turn it off, when not needed.

The chamber fan is also stopped after cooling down.

The network should never be cut off. A print should be started at every time, when the main power switch is ON.

Bambu Lab is here to make a new experience of 3D printing. So why not make this better (too) than others? Saving energy is never wrong.

I love this printer, so there is no reason that small mistakes have to be defended here. It’s about making the printer even better.

PS: Bambu cloud is down again? :frowning:

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In addition to the four fans named, on the X1C isn’t there also an auxiliary fan that exhausts out the back through a carbon filter? Or, is that the same as the chamber fan?

I was wrong. It’s the power supply fan that’s always running. That means this isn’t going to be a simple firmware fix. :frowning:

Yeah, the PSU fan is usually directly connected to the PSU, so you can’t control this fan. Some Meanwell PSU however have a temperature dependent fan, which means it is only turning on when power is drawn from the PSU but not when the printer is idle.

May be a power supply for 110V input voltage works different than one for 220v. I have 220v input voltage.

If the fan is temperature controlled, whe should also take a look at the environment temperature. Mine is around 20°C before printing and exceeds to 22°C after printing. I’m printing in my private office.

Temperature sensors of the same kind may give slightly different results. But I don’t know, if my version of the power supply has a temperature sensor at all.

Is there anybody around, where the power supply fan totally turns off after printing after a given time?

There ia a difference between 110V and 220V. As watts is the product of volts×ampere, this means if you double the voltage you cut the amperes in half. And it is the amperes that heat up the wires/coils not the voltage. So normally a 110V PSU draws twice as much amps on the input side as a 220V PSU. But this should not have any effect while idle, its about 50W, divided 110V is about 0.45 amps which isnt that much.

I resorted to a side mounted switch

for managing the PSU, an overhead LED, and switching off the AMS to use the manual filament mode.

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I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. We both have different views of a printer. For me it’s a tool in my shed. And in my shed, it’s actually the most quiet tool of the bunch

All I can say is that I do not find the X1C to be noisy at all at idle (as long as everything is cold). If yours is, there might be a fan broken.

Does the integrated power supply have a separate fan? I couldn’t see this when replacing the motherboard fan.

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