X1-C w/ 2 x AMS Abnormal Firmware

Printer told me it had an update. it ran through the updated process and got to the end and then showed a failed message. I followed the instructions to restart the printer and retry and I get the same error almost immediately after starting the update.

I just update the New firmware and i got same problem… Even factory reset won’t solve the problem.
Have you solve the problem??

i just solve the problem,

  1. let the printer factory reset,
  2. make the connection on Wifi and connect with your mobile
  3. use your mobile to update the printer it’s works,
    (if you try to update on Printer Touch screen it will always show update fail)

I am having the same issue. Let me tell you why your solution doesn’t work… neverminded updating from mobile worked.


yup same here! updated through app and I am printing again

I had the issue too and was pretty panicked this morning. Have lots to print on a deadline for work, and then this happened. This post helped me fix it quickly, though. I did not have to factory reset. I instead just needed to turn the printer’s power off and back on, then use the mobile app to start the firmware update.

I’m affected by this issue with the latest update as well. My X1C is stuck at ‘Abnormal Firmware’. I’ve tried unplugging AMS and restart the update. Unfortunately, the Handy mobile app doesn’t work in my setting (corporate Wi-Fi). Any other ideas?

Me as well. Awaiting a fix.

How to you update from cellphone?

Using the Bambu Handy App. Settings/Firmware Version/Update. The app needs to be paired with the printer before hand.


i have the same issue but using studio or app dosn’t work anyone found another fix or are we still waiting