X1 Firmware Release

In the device tab under Micro SD Card if I try to print it gets suck on “Fetching Data” and i have to force close. When i reopen it will actually pull it up so i can select options “bed level, timelapse…” but it still fails to print. Im using a macbook pro.

THANK YOU for the flow calibration update today! We are printing with BASF Ultrafuse PA6GF30, high temp plate, 0.6 nozzle, 0.42 layer thickness. It has been a challenge to get the flow dialed in and minimize stringing. We used the manual mode as we are running the spool directly fed (no AMS). It was difficult to read the numbers - they are very smudged and there were various blobs. But K = 035 was the best line and it certainly moved us forward.

The three parts shown are taper shafts with round spigot using our best settings to date for material flow, acceleration and so on. They were printed yesterday, prior to the update to 1.06. The single part - a pressure vessel cap - just finished printing today with v1.06 update and the manual flow calibration. It shows no stringing or spaghetti errors. A previous version of this part printed a Monday had the stringing and spaghetti errors and required quite a bit of trimming to remove the excess filament stringing off at the end of a move.

Thank you again for this update!

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When are they going to increase the speed? Klipper runs alot faster. I am about to start a print farm but bambu x1c is running slower than creality and qidi. Thats my biggest complaint with bambu NEED MORE SPEED.

I wonder if the speed problem is due to the difference between input shaping and the resonance frequency thing that bambu does. Maybe they are the same but my understanding is that bambu does something different.

In reality they’re not quicker. Have you looked at real world print times? The Qidi for example has overstated their flow of the hotend. Your loss for not going Bambu

Yes, I’ve seen the release notes. But I’m wondering about the huge difference, especially in the manual modes of Bambu Studio and Orca.

@GuyH77 Youve never seen klipper do a benchy faster than 17 minutes?

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No nor have I, he is talking out of his klipper

Sure but in a farm environment you want consistent and repeatable quality. I know where my money would go. We’re running 8 machines so I have a bit of experience in this area.

No idea what you are smoking but it’s not working, if you honestly believe that Klipper on any other machine is faster then you are on the wrong forum my friend!

I think the fastest is around 2.5 minutes. The k1 best is like 12.5 minutes. athe best prusa mk4 times are also around 12 minutes.

@GuyH77 Depends on what youre printing/selling. If youre printing block spacers, youll be able to run fast. Nice job on the print garden though. I have 6 but just for personal use. The bambu’s are my favorite of the bunch.

I have a Bambu X1C. My friends who have used both K1 Klipper and Bambu say the K1 is faster because they are unlocked.

Unlocked… riiiiight :smiley:

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Your friends tell lies too

Had the same. (Almost) no purging is done between 1st and 2nd spool, causing the 2nd pattern to still contain material from the 1st spool.

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It’s not how fast you print, it’s how well you print fast. just saying.


I totally agree with that statement. :slight_smile:

Bambu obviously makes the better printer but its not faster. been shown many times on youtube. add in all the pre print stuff and its not even close. Again, the bambu is the better printer but im no fan boy. I try and deal with facts over gut feeling.