X1C: Buy Now or Wait for the Next Model's Release?

Hey everyone,

I’m considering buying the X1C, but I’m unsure if I should wait for the next model instead. Is it worth getting the X1C now, or would it be better to wait for its successor? Also, does anyone have any insights or rumors about when the next model might be released? Any thoughts or advice on this dilemma? Thanks :slight_smile:


There’s always a better _insert_product_here on the horizon. Anyone that truly knows what’s next or when is under embargo to not say what or when. Myself, I’d wait, but not necessarily for the next better model, but wait for Bambu to improve their support for the products. They’re going thru some serious growing pains right now and if something goes wrong with a new purchase things can take quite a while to get resolved by them.


There will always be something “new” on the horizon. Thus if you wait, you will be forever waiting.

Personal advice? Get the printer now. I wish I had gotten one when they first came out but I hung on for far too long to my old I3 style bed slingers that really limited what I could make and required constant attention/tweeking.

You can always sell and buy the latest and greatest but you can’t get back the wasted time you “waited”.


At this moment it seems like they might be coming out with a new printer soon based on marketing they put out about winning a new product. So it might be worth it to wait a couple of months to see what comes.

The X1C is very reliable in my experience. You’re completely fine with that model. It’s not going extinct in 2024! The alternative is to wait for the next model and be the guinea pig for all of us with the X1C waiting for people to work out the initial release bugs OR take advantage at that point of maybe a sale on the X1C. I would expect the used market would expand a good bit too at that point. However, waiting could be painful!

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I’ll weigh in here. Considering how poorly the A1 launch went with its problems like the power cable issue and slow tech support from Bambu, is it wise to risk going through similar issues with a new product launch?

Whereas the next model may have some very vaunted features, the X1 and P1 are now time-tested. Even if a new model came out, it would give me pause to buy it until I let everyone else get bloody first.


I’ll note that Bambu, when mentioning the prize of a new “flagship” product, also said that it would not be available until later in the year. I hope they don’t Osborne themselves. If I were in the market for an X1C I’d buy it now.

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X1C is a solid machine. If it were me I would buy it, but that’s because I don’t buy something and then regret when a new thing comes out, and I wouldn’t even ask this question in the first place. So I don’t know if you should buy it now :slight_smile: . That’s up to you really.

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I’m of the just go for it and buy it crowd. It can be a long unproductive wait for what-ifs.


Thanks to all of you :slight_smile:

I’ll probably wait a bit and learn more about 3D-Design in the meantime.

There’s no certainty that BL will release a newer version of X1C any time this year, although we may be surprised (personally I doubt it), given that they’ve launched already 2 new printers (X1E and A1). Like you (and many others) I do hope to see them launching a larger X1C (in the range of Prusa XL) with like dual heads, but somehow, I don’t think this will happen anytime soon. X1C is their “golden goose” as it sells like crazy, and I suspect that until sell more than enough to get their profit margin, and if the competitors don’t come up with something significantly better, chances are they won’t come up with a new printer yet. So, it’s up to you bud, whether you go for it or wait and see.

Well, everyone has to know that for themselves.

My decision here:

Only buy if you see a clear advantage and you really need the printer. If you just buy it because you like it, you’ll be upset two months later that there’s something better out there.

Just one advantage is not enough and if one piece of the puzzle is missing you will never be able to complete the puzzle. The main route course of 3D printer manufacturer go in the right direction for a short time, stop halfway and start again from scratch with something completely new from the very beginning for a completely different customer segment. And don’t believe any marketing department from any 3D printing manufacturer, without exception. They’re all racing to survive and grasping for the last straw…

Everyone tries to put it in the brightest light, always stand in the second line. You can hear the disadvantages when the printer has been used for the first 5-6 months. I’ll also will buy one that’s newly released, but I don’t have to do that for every relase. Shared pain is half of the pain… and when looking at YouTube, always click on Published since a month or a week. to combine real user experiences with the reviews.

I came from a set of Anycubic Vypers. That printer was so good, it was the first one I started recommending to people that wanted a printer without having to fiddle. Everything that Bambu currently makes is awesome, and amazing, and I loved that Anycubic Vyper, so you have to imagine… It’s just. They’re all great. It’s not even just the Bambu printers. I bought myself a Kobra 2 Max (I ain’t wanting for Bambu to make a large sized printer, I’ve got things to print!) and that thing is awesome, it’s better than the Vyper, and I freakin loved the Vyper.

From my perspective, there is a ton of amazing 3d printers out there right now. If you want to 3d print, there is no reason to wait for something new to come along.

I do want a large format printer from Bambu though. All my large prints get kind of lost since most the focus is on the print profiles and stuff. I have a growing backlog of stuff for the day they put out a large printer.

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Buy a prusa MK4. They will continue to make the same basic printer for ever aparently.

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This is always a significant dilemma, and most of the time, people end up buying something, and shortly after, a better option comes out at the same price, while the old one’s price drops. But it doesn’t really matter because we don’t see these as investments but as tools. If the X1C meets your needs, there’s no need to think about it. If something is missing, it’s worth looking around or waiting. I would wait a bit now. The Chinese New Year is coming; maybe there will be some promotions. Also, if something new comes out or news breaks about an upcoming release, the price of the X1C might go down, or you might find it used from someone upgrading. So, I would wait until maybe March and then purchase the X1C. After that, it’s essential not to keep checking what new things have come out and at what price – just use what you bought.

Nice to here and sounds god. I also both ones a printer from Anycubic - but unfortunately a model with only one servo motor on Z so it ends up in a quickly given away. Now I constantly get messages from the ANYCUBIC online store on Aliexpress because I once ordered small spare parts and I can’t get rid of the guys anymore… Marketing, the best way to drive customers forever crazy (or maybe just weird guys like me ;-). If I didn’t get constant messages from them, I would have bought a MAX may a long time ago too since it doesn’t cost much :wink: But if you buy something with a 1 in front of the prices, the saler have to know what he is doing and in the meantime the comfort of the 1 in front - I will buy if the saler did his job, at least in my point of view. Hopefully this will end soon and there won’t be just one who has done the job on one printer. And how knows, may Peopoly wil get the first sale with the 2 in front, there is not more than much missing to get it from me…

So much truth there. I’ve had perfectly good companies drive me away because of their aggressive marketing.

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I’ll tell you this, they release a printer pretty much every 2-3 months. That means the next printer should be out in February- March. There’s also a contest that was going on for the winner to get the “Most anticipated flagship of 2024”. The last time they did a contest, the winner got announced on the release day of A1. This contest, the winner was supposed to be announced February 5th. I think because of the A1 recall they might hold off on it for a week or two. But I think you should wait, see if the new printer is good and then decide.

There already is a better printer. X1E.
Surely they will release “another model” that does even more… you could wait forever, for “the next big thing”

Well i already look at Printers for USD 4000 and thought about it. I also know there is an X1E like I know there is prusa somewhere but I didn’t watch it for 60 seconds (and I spend 1500 USD for an X1C) - I also know were the Arctic and the Sahara desert are but I never will spend money to go on vacation there… but there are people who like to vacation there and that is their right. So everything is wonderful and correct. The X1E, there will already be departments where that will matter and the price difference is as important as coffee with or without milk.