X1C: Buy Now or Wait for the Next Model's Release?

If the AMS is not what you need, but just the printer, I would go for a Qidi X Max 3. The support from Qidi is just amazing.

I’m on the “wait and see” side of this argument. However, its different if you have nothing right now, go ahead and buy the X1C, but if you are relatively happy with your current printer, I would wait it out.

The bad news… Issues are almost a guarantee on the second generation printer. The X1C had teething issues on its release, but they were small and seemed to be addressed quickly. The A1 Series’ issues are out there and probably more numerous than most would like. The P1 Series benefited from the X1’s maturing and by the time they were released, all the issues were ironed out.

Its possible Bambu will take their time and sort out the problems better on this go around, but if I’m honest, that’s not their track record. They move quickly and decisively, for better or worse.

Another negative to waiting is, we don’t have a real track record for their idea of a full product cycle. We are assuming a 2 year cycle, but what if its a 3 year cycle? Can’t say, and worse yet, we can’t even make an educated guess because they are so new. Anything we come up with is literally out of our backsides.

So, that’s my take. Even though I’m partial to one side of the argument, I like to pose the problems with both and let people make their own decisions. Good luck!


The CEO went on the record saying the XL version will be a new product and not a modified X1C (BTW, XL is not a reference to the printer’s official line name). So, IMO, that means they are working on the new generation of printers and the XL version of it will be one of those. Will it be the next printer… Can’t say, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. IMO there are two thoughts, the XL could be one of the last releases of the new generation (or 3rd printer), in an attempt to get impatient people with lots of money to buy multiple machines. Or, they may go straight to the most expensive product first, to promote that impatient buyer to upsell to a higher spec printer than they would normally buy if they knew what the entire line held.

We’ll see.

Oh, BTW regarding your wish for multiple heads, I wouldn’t mind seeing a mixing of tech. An AMS compatible 2 head machine would be my wish. But they would have to do a better job than Prusa’s wiggle-monster heads. The two head design would allow true multi-material usage, but still allow an AMS device to change colors or host multiple materials.


Yes - My purchasing decision was a neck-and-neck race between the X1C and the I-Fast also because of the very well-known and very impressive customer service of QIDI (with the X1C I decided on the cheaper printer and Prusa was never in any discustion to me)

The $1000 (at the time) more for the I-fast wasn’t the reason why it became in my specific case the X1C. The fact that the I-Fast has to be re-leveled for other printing materials by associated temperature changes was also not the reason too…

The reason is the Spageti detection and the first layer check out of the box on the X1 and that is also the disadvantage for the Max3. And funnily wise, after they aroused my curiosity with the I-Fast and slowly made me hot, they Switched the concept too and I never really looked at the MAX 3 :wink:

For me, lidar was never about the flow calibration were everyone is probably talking about - it’s just about one thing and thats the most expensive thing about the whole 3D Printign thing… My time and my peace of mind during printing.

@just4memike we will see what they do - I m not interessted what they said or ever will say or announce. Those days are over :wink:

I’m curious, why did the i-Fast grab your attention, but the Max 3 or Plus 3 turn you cold? Was it specific to the dual extruder?

i agree with this, and it goes with all products that come out. though you may not be waiting forever, you’ll definitely be waiting a while, and when you’re done waiting, oh no, you’re 87 and bambu has discontinued that model.

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Gave me a chuckle. I owned an Osborne. Expensive for the time and cool and then gone.

How about this? Buy a used X1C. A used X1C should still be new enough that it prints well, but you’ll save some money because it’s not brand new. On the other hand, if BL does soon launch a much better printer when compared to the printer above, then you can probably sell the X1C that you had just purchased for close to the same price you paid for it, because so little time had elapsed between buying and selling.

I really wish I had access to purchase the barely used Bambu printers that people send back. I often wonder where they all end up going.


lol…these end as replacement parts for those submitting tickets to BL customer support…

X1E is in no way better than the X1C in terms of print quality. There are just some extra tidbits for enterprise customers.

There definitely is a difference between print quality.
And it has everything to do with these “so called tid-bits”. 1 example: chamber heater.

Try printing a large complex shape out of ASA in the X1C and you’ll know what I mean.
Or to put it terms of quality: in the X1C: your print will fail. ie quality = 0%. X1E your print will not fail.

Yes - anybody can install a heater in the X1C. Just like anybody can build an X1C from scratch - given enough time, effort, and expense. Or you can just buy one.

Of course: is the X1E worth the price-tag?.. that’s a different discussion altogether. The reason it costs what it does, is because of all those tid-bits as well. If they are important to you, then you will be OK with the price. If they are not important: then do not buy it.

But… if 1 vs 0 terms… the X1E is a “better” printer. thats a fact.

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100 points - Mixed materials TPU with ASA is worth a lot and the laidar with first layer scan and Spagetti controle is more worth to me than the footprint 325x325. And Bambu hides the AMS’s TPU functionality well, which makes them earning a lot of my personal love… But I can still live with the external feed and material change over layer height, so I wouldn’t have to adapt it straight away. But Bambu reminds me of it 1-2 times a month.

Well, i can get now also an Max3 but in 4-5 month - well i do not wait for ever, I just buy if it is really needed…and if the properties getting needed, 1000 USD more or less isn’t much. If I don’t need it, 1000 USD is a lot… all about the actual situation which can change day by day.

I’m starting to think that what may save the day for 3d printers that lack a nicely heated chamber is that custom formulated filaments will likely be developed that will allow them to print more or less the same kind of filament–albeit maybe not the exact same filament formulation. We’ve seen this already happen with Prusament PC, which got reformulated by Prusa so that it could print on a totally open bed Prusa printer. From what I’ve read, it works just fine in that regard.

@wally.malicki, you are 100% incorrect in saying that the X1C fails at printing ASA. I’ve got over 100 hours printing on two X1C printers with no adjustments to the base parameters other than choosing if I need support or not. I am positive that I am not the only one that can claim this to be true.

Can’t go wrong with the X1Carbon. Just recently added the P1S and it’s a good unit but if $$ not an option get the X1. I’m hoping for a larger capacity Bambu printer (disappointed with A1 A1 mini release) to come out as Kobra Max is slow and profiles can be finicky.
Again, can’t go wrong with X1.


I like your post very much. Your statement in regards to the P1S might have been true 7 days ago… Now? You would relly have to handle unexpectedly large number of unexpected print jobs with just color change to still be able to think about a P1S. How many are there that now fall into this category?..

As you sade “disappointed with A1 A1 mini release” - me too. And Bambulab do not get the time back which they lost. So in the category below the X1C they have to run now. Whoever comes late is punished by life. In category X1 they have to wake up, otherwise the hammer will come and the hammer won’t be far away too. Bigger, easier to maintain and TPU into the AMS - And I don’t have to care whether they can manage that or not and I`m even not interessted if they can handle it or not.

I agree Josh. I love my AnyCubic Vyper, but I also love my P1S. In fact, the Vyper was my first. Then I experimented with Creality, Fokoos, FLSun, Flashforge, etc. None have the quality of AnyCubic and BambuLabs. I have 6 working printers right now and my go-to is the P1S.

If you are waiting, wait. But, my $.02 is if you have the $$$ now, invest in a good printer that gives you the features you need now… waiting may bring advantages, but if you need one now… get the one that checks the most boxes for you.

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You may want to read my message again. I never said: “X1C fails at printing ASA”
I guess if someone wanted to cut back what I said even more, it could be just this: “X1C fails”

but… back to reality.
What is said is: “…printing a large complex shape out of ASA…”
the key operatives are:

  1. Large
  2. Complex


I agree. After confusing my friend’s wife about strengths of slicers and options that are available on the p1s she was a deer in the headlights and told her husband you’re getting a printer for Christmas speak with Keith she had about enough of me. That was a Black Friday sale and I prompted me to buy another printer. My reasons are simple pla prints I can do on this new machine and save more of the rigorous work as far as engineering quality materials for my X1 Carbon. I try to get very clever with my slicing and positioning of multicolor objects to save on filling it changes and such a waste of filament.
Another quick note about the X1 Carbon. I have four machines and a large bedroom environment and the upgrade that was recently made that came from the A1 has this machine so quiet versus the p1s. I would imagine in the future they’re going to upgrade the p1s or maybe not just food for thought.